Ride DH vs. Nitro T2: Quick Comparison

Posted by on Friday, March 30, 2007

I consider the Ride DH and the Nitro T2 to be of similar designs. Both are freestyle boards, both have a twin shape, good in the park, yet offering a wider scope than a pure jib board...

Earlier this year in Laax, I was riding the '05/'06 T2 with MLB bindings, and Martin was riding the '05/'06 DH with Burton Missions. Both 155cm. We decided to switch setups and then compare notes. After one, long run, this is what we thought:

  • The T2 is lighter than the DH
  • The T2 has a much lower nose and tail, although this may have changed with newer models
  • The sidecut on the T2 is more aggressive than the DH. The DH therefore has a wider waist
  • The T2 is a little more stable at speeds
  • The DH has a smoother feel, a nicer flex
  • The DH has more pop, or at least, it's easier to pop with the DH. In just one run I noticed some much nicer ollies...
  • Both have good sintered bases

Both really nice boards, I'm not sure which one I prefer more.

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Nitro T2 Snowboard Review

Posted by on Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Nitro T2 is a great board. I was looking for a true twin that I could ride both inside and outside of the park. All-mountain freestyle. A single board. The T2 delivered.

I've got the 155 Nitro T2 from the 2005/2006 season. I've ridden it for three complete weeks on a variety of terrain: park boxes and kickers, slushy slopes and icy pistes, fresh corduroy and some powder. It's difficult for a board to excell in every category when used across the whole mountain. Floating effortlessly in powder is pretty much guaranteed to come at the expense of short, twin, flexy rail action. But the T2 ticks a lot of boxes and I'm confident with it being the only board in my bag.

So who is going to benefit from the this review? Well, if you're looking for a pure jib-stick, I don't think the T2 is for you. Likewise if you're mainly interested in freeriding, the T2 is likely to fall short. But if you're in one of the following categories, as I was, read on:

  • You like jibbing and riding in the park, but you'd like to try something a little stiffer and slightly longer to be more rounded.
  • You're in the market for an all-mountain board, but you'd like it orientated towards freestyle.

Jibbing & The Park
I found the T2 quite nice for jibbing around the piste. Sure it's not as soft and playful as a jib board, but it's definitely light, with a snappy feel, which makes it agile. You've got to put a little more into ollies than with something like a Ride Kink or a Ride DH, but when you get it right, the T2 has great pop. It's not too stiff. It felt nice on kickers.

If you follow the weight ranges, the T2 is also a little longer than a jib board. For me, a jib board is in the range 150cm - 153cm, but the T2 I ride is 155cm. For some, this might feel long, but I didn't really notice it. Maybe the lightness helps here? While the little bit of extra length may make the board feel more cumbersome on rails and boxes, it comes in handy around the rest of the hill.

When it comes to rails and boxes, I'd say you can tell the difference between the T2 and a pure-jib board, but it didn't stop me hitting them. The T2 has a nice twin shape, with good stance options, 23.5" being the widest. It still felt like a good setup on the boxes, no real hang ups. And besides, the T2 is Eero's choice for rails after all...

Although I've hardly ridden any pipe with the T2, I'd say that the little extra lenght and good edge hold will help with the transitions.

Riding the piste
The T2 performs well. Whilst it's not a freeride board, it does have a pretty aggressive sidecut on it compared with something like the Ride DH. And although it's lack of directional-shape may hinder its out-right performance on the piste, to me this is a design benefit. I like to ride switch as much as I do regular, so the twin shape is perfect. The result is good edge hold going in both directions.

I also think the T2 has a pretty fast base, that seemed to maintain wax quite well. It certainly stacked up well against the other riders in our group. The additional length and stiffer flex over a pure jib board adds to the stability, especially at higher speeds. It's a confident and solid ride, encouraging you to rip up the piste.

Not really the T2's domain, but it did ok. The '05/'06 model has a fairly flat nose and tail which didn't help one bit (I think they changed this with the '06/'07 model). Cruising flat bits at slow speed or traversing at slow speed was a little tricky, with the nose having a tendancy to dig in. This caught me out quite a few times. But once your gliding, or even better, riding some steep stuff, it's fine. The T2 felt nimble in the powder.

A friend in the group was riding around on a Burton Fish, which is a different story altogether. But hey, the T2's a twin tip and I was riding it with an even stance, 23.5" apart, it's not going to float like a Fish. What's important is that I didn't really feel held back by the board, I didn't have the urge to try something longer for a run or two to test the difference. I didn't even bother setting my front foot back. It was still fun riding.

So is the T2 a compramise or just the right mix for a board?

I'm towards the great mix end, I think this is a really good board. I wanted to try something more versatile than a pure jib board, but not going as far as an all-mountain board. A little bit longer, a little bit stiffer, but still freestyle. Still twin. I know that I could easily enjoy something with a similar design aim but a little softer - like the Agent or the DH - but the T2 has a little more bite, and I like that too.

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Burton's Tool Free Lenght-Adjustable Binding Straps

Posted by on Monday, March 26, 2007

Mini Review
Fairly recently I bought a new set of Burton bindings (not for myself). I was intruiged by the "tool free" adjustable straps so thought a few words here might be useful...

I'll be honest and say that the first time I looked at the straps I didn't see how the mechanism worked. To me it just appeared to be a plastic cover over the screw that is used to adjust the binding strap length: there was still a screw that required a screw driver of some kind. As the bindings weren't mine, I gave it no further thought at that point...

It wasn't until I was on the hill in Flims that I, or we I should say, put the tool-free adjustment to good use.

A friend (with some new Burton Missions) and I decided to swap setups for a run to see what the other's board was like. When I strapped into his setup I couldn't get the straps tight as they were too long. Half way down we stopped to take a look at them. You're supposed to be able to set these without a tool aren't you?...

It's actually very simple. You just flick the cap up and then use the cap itself to tighten/loosen the screw. Bingo. The screw stays within the cap which makes it real easy to take the screw out, change the length and then get the screw back in again without losing it. In no time at all I was securely strapped in and getting a good test of a different board.

For sure it's nothing ground breaking, and you can achieve the same thing with a binding tool, which most people are going to have anyway. It's probably not a feature that's gonna sway your decision when choosing new bindings... However, I'd say it provides a less-fiddly and marginally faster way to adjust your straps. It's really handy - a sweet litlte bonus!


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So What About Next Season?

Posted by on Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it too early to start thinking about where to ride next season? For sure there's still a lot of snowboarding left in the current season, especially with the recent snowfall, but I don't think that I'm going to be able to get to the mountains any time soon...

So maybe it's not too early then, in which case, there's no harm in thinking about the question where to ride next year?

This winter I tried two new destinations: Morzine/Avoriaz and Laax/Flims. Both resorts have good alround reputations and they both have good parks. In many ways, they both delivered; but I'll leave those thoughts for a different post. It's enough for now to say that I wanted to try something new, and I was pleased.

So is something new on the cards again for next season? I think probably; and that's mainly because there are so many excellent places that I haven't yet tried. However, I'm reminded of the format that I've been using over the last few seasons, that has worked quite nicely: a week away towards the end of January and then a two week trip sometime in March. This means two destinations, the first of which provides a good opportunity to go back to somewhere I really like.

Avoriaz, with more snow? Switzerland with SnowMotions: visiting different resorts each day for a week of backcountry riding? Or Chamonix? I'd definitely like to revisit Chamonix with more backcountry in mind, and a budget for guided-days.

And what about somewhere new? Canada: Fernie, Big White, Whistler. Colorado? What about Japan? Inghams have 2007/2008 early bird holidays in Japan on their site right now. And then there is Alaska. A friend has discussed plans to set up a 10 day trip to Alaska next year, which will include heli-boarding days, hiking, and snowmobile days. Expensive no doubt but it has the potential to be amazing.

There's a lot to think about, but no doubt I'll enjoy considering the different possibilities...

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Photos From Laax

Posted by on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So, as I've mentioned recently, whilst we were in Laax we had this idea of staying up on the mountain after the lifts shut to take some photos as the sun was setting. The plan didn't work out, but here are some photos we did take, while the sun was still up...

This photo wasn't taken on the hill that day - but I kinda like it. Just watching it snow outside...

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Where Are You All Reading From?

Posted by on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm pretty interested to know where you guys and gals are reading this blog from, so I've added one of the many, freely available, country counters. I chose the NeoCounter from NeoWORX, simply because a friend has used it. It seems ok, if not a little glitchy when the mouse moves over it.

Anyhow, it's off to the right hand side and low down, so take a look if you're interested.

I've also made a few updates to the videos and reviews pages as they've been out of date for a while... tut tut!

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Back Home

Posted by on Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, we're back now. We actually got back yesterday evening. With this trip, I really had the feeeling that I didn't want to come home. I'm not quite sure why, but it was there. Maybe it's because this was my last planned trip of the season? Maybe it's because there's half a meter forecast to fall between Sunday and Tuesady :-)

So the last day on the hill was fun, still really sunny and slushy, but fun. I think maybe the highlight for me on that day was a couple of group races down a long red in Flims, so much fun. We had planned to go and do a few jumps on the huge airbag that they had in Laax for the Brits week, but they didn't put it up on Friday so we missed out. Not to worry though, there's going to be an airbag at Castleford in April, so we can try that.

Lost bags. You wouldn't believe it but they lost our bags on the way home - again. This time two bags were left behind, not just one. They were left behind in Heathrow, which is the same mistake that was made on the way out. Apparently, it's quite common for bags to be missed out on connections through Heathrow - what's that all about?

On the plus side of arriving home, Whitelines was waiting for me, with the free DVD that I was most interested in this year - Snow Bored. Really looking forward to watching it!

Ciara and I would like to add a shout out thanks to Martin & Ash who came away with us. I've only known Martin for a handful of months and hadn't met Ash until we got to Heathrow airport on the way out to Laax. Thanks for accepting the invitation, it was awesome!

And also a quick thanks to Emma Meaburn and her friends for getting touch. They were in Laax at the same time as us, and it was really cool to meet some people through this blog :-) Cheers.

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Posted by on Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well, our plan to stay on the mountain until sun set was foiled.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I expected to happen. Around 30 to 40 minutes after all the lifts had stopped we were told to ride down by one of the ski patrol/marshal people.

At that point, there was us and a couple of other riders hiking a box and oil-drum-jib in the park. We all had to move on. Of course it's completely understandable... it's not particularly safe to leave people playing around on the mountain when it's starting to get dark and there's nobody else around. We didn't contest it.

It did however get in the way of our plan to take a photo of a rider on the s-box with the sun setting. That said, had we been allowed to continue I don't think we would have been successful. The park arrangement has changed a little this week, including a change to the orientation of the s-box, which now swings out to the right first and then the left, if you see what I mean.

Previously, with the s swinging out left first and then right, it was much easier for a regular rider to boardslide it. Now that it's the opposite way around, it is more difficult, and we were struggling.

The whole effort was still fun though and we did take a couple of real, non-digital photos on a different box. We'll have to wait to see how they develop. I'm pretty excited about that.

So with one day on the mountain remaining we're all planning on an early rise and first lift - it should be a fun group day in the sun and slush...

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Just Riding

Posted by on Thursday, March 15, 2007

The last few days we've just been riding around the pistes. It's so hot here. By the afernoon the slopes are really slushy. There's great riding to be had on the morning though and then there's the park for the afternoon.

We've also watched a little bit of the Brits - there was some impressive halfpipe action. I think the Slopestyle competition is on today, which should be interesting.

I'm not sure exactly how it's going to pan out, but the plan today is to stay up late on the mountain and wait for the sun to go down. Martin likes his photography so he's looking to get some nice shots, maybe on one of the rails or boxes.

That's all for now.

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Unnaturally Warm

Posted by on Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We're just about to head out to the hill - and it's unnaturally warm here. Seriously it could be summer in the town.

Still, there's plenty of snow up on the top to keep us busy and keep us having fun. But it's just so damn hot...

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Backcountry Tour In Lenzerheide

Posted by on Monday, March 12, 2007

Yesterday, Sunday, three of us took a backcountry tour that started and ended in the resort of Lenzerheide. This was the first real backcountry riding that I've done - it was excellent.

First off, we were real lucky with the weather. It snowed a fair bit on Saturday and then it was a total blue bird on Sunday. Given the poor quality of the season in Europe this year, we picked a beauty of a day for a backcountry tour. Awesome.

We had to drive around 40 minutes from Flims to Lenzerheide, but with the morning traffic it was close to an hour. But that was no problem, all part of the adventure. It was pretty cool travelling to a smaller, less well known resort.

We did the tour with a group of 12 people, which is pretty big. There were two guides as well as Jason from Snowmotions who is well versed in backcountry knowledge/safety. He also has a lot of local knowledge, living very close to Lenzerheide. The average ability of the group was pretty good, nothing to slow us down really - it was only the size of the group that limitted us.

So, starting in Lenzerheide we did a loop that included five good lines, with maybe one of them being close to 40 degrees. Certainly the guides were a little nervous around that area. After the first loop, we were running behind schedule so we headed back up to the top and then rode back down into the town. The last run was great, I put a great line in on a fairly steep section and the feeling was insane. All in all, we covered close to 30 km of terrain.

Snowmotions set everything up for us - including the good timing with the weather, they'd been watching the forecast. I'm so pleased because I've thought about getting a guide a couple of times in the past but never really knew what to expect. Having someone else recommend something and then set it all up for you is great. A big thanks from the three of us who did the tour.

Overall it was an excellent day. I learnt alot, progressed some, we took a little bit of film and most importantly, we had a lot of fun. It was a real adventure. Starting with the drive to Lenzerheide, heading into the backcountry, being close to Arosa, spotting the peaks of Davos, meeting new people, talking with the guides, laying down fresh lines - excellent!

I definitely want to do more backcountry in the future. I'll definitely take another tour with a guide. I think I'd want to pay more to have a smaller group so that we can cover more terrain - but there's no complaints for this introductory tour. If it's something you've been thinking about my advice is to give it a go. It will open your eyes. Amazing.

I'll post the footage when I get a chance...

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Down Time

Posted by on Saturday, March 10, 2007

So we all took the day off today. I woke up with a nasty hangover and a view of fresh snow falling outside. Awesome.

At first the thought of missing a day on the hill was bugging me out. But, given that there was zero visibility up there, I had no pre-paid pass that was going to waste, and tomorrow is gonna be a tough day with some walking and hiking involved, a rest day wasn't such a bad idea.

Up until around 4 pm it was snowing consistently, and pretty heavy. Unfortunately it's still a little too warm at town-level which stopped the new snow laying. But the temperature level overall has dropped, and no doubt there's going to be a lot of fresh snow waiting for us tomorrow - which is supposed to be clear.

So three or four of us are going to do a guided tour tomorrow. It's not in Laax, we've got to drive around 40 minutes tomorrow morning to the start point. Wax the boards, check the beepers, pack the bags and check camera batteries. With the luck we've had with the weather conditions, it should be sick!

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Blue Bird Day Today - Awesome

Posted by on Friday, March 09, 2007

Today was a blue bird day - clear skies and the sun out. I reckon there was about 15 cm of fresh snow up there, maybe 20 cm in places. It made an excellent change from the last two low-visibility days.

So we spent almost all day riding off-piste. In Laax/Flims there are off-piste areas on the piste map, which is pretty much what we stuck to.

Early on we caught a few fresh lines, but later in the day the snow was still good, real good. It was great fun. We got a small amount of footage, which was cool. Again, I'll probably be sorting that out later on when I get back.

There's the chance that tonight will bring around 20cm of fresh snow and maybe more during tomorrow, making it overcast. In fact, some of the people here are planning to take tomorrow off, which if I follow suit, will be the first day that I've taken off since I started riding.

But there is some method to this madness. To start off with, we're heading out this evening, actually just about now as I write this. It's gonna be a late night. Also, with our first allocation of a 6-day pass running out today, and the possibility of a bad weather day tomorrow, having a day off in the middle might not be a bad idea.

But the key is Sunday. Sunday is scheduled to be a clear day, with fresh snow due to the fall tonight and tomorrow. What's more, we're setup to do a guided tour on Sunday, with around 20 - 30 km of off-piste covered. Maybe resting up is a good idea?

From what I've heard, oragnised through Snowmotions, this Safari Tour should be excellent! I should have more to say on this as I know more. We'll be beepered up, shovels, probes etc. I can't wait.

But let's not forget today, it was a sick day riding...


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Steep Landings!

Posted by on Thursday, March 08, 2007

So we were taking a look at the kickers dotted around the park area in Laax. Man, the landings are steep! Real steep. Each set includes two kickers. The smaller of the two isn't exactly small, but it's do-able.

Anyhow, while the skies were still clear up on the hill, Martin and I headed over to check one of the hits out. The group was waiting so we had time to take one run through to have a look, and then one hit.

After running past the kicker looked nice, not to uppy, but not your flat cheese wedge style either. The landing was still the steepest that I'd ever seen.

So we're deciding who's gonna hit it first and then a guys turns up. We asked him where to set off from: "straight from here" was the reply. So he did maybe half a speed check and then spun a five or something.

He shouldn't have said that. No way. We hit it straight from where we were sat and totally over-shot the landing. Straight airs. Martin was up first, and from the top, it just looked like he glided over the knuckle and down the landing. I hit it next, and as soon as the landing came into view I crapped it.

We'd both landed well down the landing, and when it's dropping away so fast it's pretty scary. A lot of air time. A pretty hard slam ensued.

So with the recent conditions we're waiting for things to clear so that we can go back and get it nailed. Hopefully some footage to follow...

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Bad Vis Days: Sessioning the Park

Posted by on Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 5: so the last couple of days the visibility has been pretty poor. Today, especially, you couldn't see much. But on the plus side, it has been snowing pretty consistently up around the top. When the skies go blue, it's gonna be sick.

When the snow is bad, or the visibility is poor, I like to fall back on the park, which is what we've done the last couple of days. If it clears up - do a run. But if you can't see, session some boxes.

This afternoon there was myself and Martin just lapping the park - with maybe a handful of other riders. Just about everyone else had gone home. It was an excellent session and the pint at the end was well deserved.

For sure my frontside boardslides are none existent, so I've been working on them. Also, I've started to hit the boxes switch, as I'm gonna need that for the tricks to come. And then there's the S-Box setup that I've been wanting to stomp since I first rode past it.

Unfortunately there isn't much to look at as there was no one to film and we only had a still camera in movie mode, but here are a few clips from the group hitting the boxes in the park:

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It's Raining In The Village

Posted by on Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yesterday and today, it's been wet and rainy lower down in the village. No problems up the top, there's been a little dusting of fresh snow. But the village is looking greener and greener each day.

Those home runs are getting a little sketchy.

The visibility has been poor at times - clearing up and then clouding over. Still good shredding to be had.

More updates to come...

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Great Food In Flims Waldhaus: Anatolia Kebab

Posted by on Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tonight we were hungry. Real hungry. A fair few beers down and we'd watched half of the footage we'd taken earlier today...

Where to get food, and quick?

Well, let me tell you that the Anatolia Kebab house in Flims Waldhaus is excellent. It's kinda fast food: you can eat in or take away - but either way it's excellent. We're not talking your typical English kebab... this is good quality fast food.

It hit the spot.

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Barrel Roll Backflips

Posted by on Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Precursor: this update comes late in the day, following several beers...

Today was a footage day. We took the camera out and racked up close to an hour and a half of film. For sure a lot of it was follow cam around the piste, but we did get a few decent things.

We filmed a few runs in the mini park: some beginner hits, some box action and a little jibbing. That backside rotation is coming on.

Martin set up for nice ollie-over-fence shot, which although wasn't rode out clean, was pretty sweet, and we got it from two angles.

We also got a nice rock-drop on camera, just off to the side of the piste. I think that's gonna be a better shot if we go back on a clear day, because today the clouds were in and out, and some of the shots had low light.

Sessioning some boxes, there was also a great slam from Emma, trying her first boardslide on a box, straight on to her backside. Nasty.

Most importantly though, we set up for the backflip. The Network found some fresh stuff just off to the side of the piste, and there was a nice little lip to jump off. Martin set to shaping the take off and then we were set.

Martin was first with a barrel roll backflip followed by the network with an attempted front flip. We're not talking about anything big here, but it's fun to watch.

After two or three attempts each, Martin landed a back flip, which was pretty sweet. My third attempt was pretty damn close, and hopefully I'll put one down before the end of the two weeks.

I'd love to post the footage now but there just isn't time. We'll probably leave the camera for a day or two, or until it dumps again. Rest assured though, I'll sort it out sooner or later...

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Posted by on Monday, March 05, 2007

Fresh powder. Laying down fresh tracks. Awesome riding today.

We had a complementary tour/guide from Snowmotions today. We tooled up with ruck-sacks, shovels, probes and tranceivers - although we didn't do anything with any real risk attached. In fact, for many in our group of six off-piste'rs, this was an introduction to riding in deep stuff.

Given that, we all did remarkably well. For sure there were tumbles resulting in boards being burried, but that's all part of learning how to ride off piste. There was one section that required a fast, straight line, and we all came out on the other side. Great stuff. A little bit of waiting was nothing compared to the feeling of six friends riding through the powder on a blue bird morning.

Having the tour today turned out to be excellently timed. For the whole morning the skies were totally clear and the sun was out. Today was also the first time that the glacier in Laax has been open for a while. Of one of the lines we did today, our guide had only been able to ride it twice this season. Lucky.

The clouds did come in around noon, and when that happened it got a fair bit colder and the visibility was aweful. It kinda put an end to our session. In fact the last route took a fair while with low light and heavy snow.

We took a little bit of footage today, which was nice to look back on, but there wasn't that much. Now that we've seen some good spots though we should be able to re-visit them and get some video.

All in all an excellent day. We've seen some great areas that we can safely ride by ourselves, and we're sure to go back to. We've also had an introduction to off-piste safety and got some good local knowledge. Sick.


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5 Chuffs Please

Posted by on Sunday, March 04, 2007

Swiss Francs, CHFs, we call them chuffs.

Great first day.

It wasn't super smooth to start with, but the afternoon was excellent. This morning, we were just out of sync. Riding in the Flims area we just seemed to catch trails, then lifts, then trails and lifts again. No good riding...

There was also no sign of the missing board bag, which meant Ciara had to hire equipment. But on the plus side we got a sweet little Forum Young Blood, the setup was pretty nice, enjoyable to ride.

Also, the afternoon's riding was much better. Following a sunny lunch we headed up to Laax, to ride a mixture of powder, park and piste. It was all good. We still spent a good amount of time getting our bearings in a new resort, but for sure, it was a great afternoon.

A great afternoon that ended up with a few beers in Laax, we missed the last free bus, so ended up with a full car driving back to Flims, with me riding in the boot.

Continuing on the beer theme, I'm writing this post now. In the backgroung, afterbang is playing. Great first day.

Tomorrow we're getting a tour from the guys at Snowmotion - which should be great. We're all looking forward to it. More on that to come.

A closing comment from the Network, probably the beer talking:

We can do back flips...

I'm not sure about that... we'll see.

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Just Landed

Posted by on Saturday, March 03, 2007

We've just landed in the chalet - it's pretty damn cool. Chilling out at the end of the journey, kicking back on the most comfortable bean-bag/sofa ever, sipping on a beer and updating my blog, it's all good.

Well, almost all good. We've had a bumpy start to the trip: Ciara's snowboard bag was left behind in London, which is apparently fairly common for BA's London to Zurich connection. Not good. At best it's going to arrive first thing tomorrow morning - I just hope we don't end up renting for the first day.

And the snow. Well, there's loads of it, but it's warm, which is making things quite variable. Lower down there is rain. Up on the top there's almost too much snow. Apparently, some of the lifts aren't open because there's a lot that needs to be made avalanche-safe. I'm intruiged to see what the first day is gonna be like. No complaints though, I'm stoked.

Snowmotions picked four of us up from Zurich for our transfer, which worked out great. We got the low down on a lot of local knowledge on the way to Flims, which is just what you want. Jason, the guy in charge, has been super helpful. On first impressions, I can't recommend Snowmotions enough.

Right now I'm hooked up to the wireless connection in the chalet so updating should be pretty easy throughout the stay. That's all for now. Gav.


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Snowflex Riding In Aberdeen

Posted by on Friday, March 02, 2007

In the meantime, check out this snowflex footage taken in Aberdeen, many miles from Laax. Some sick riding in there, sweet.

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The Laax Trip Begins

Posted by on Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm on holiday now, I'm all packed, set for two weeks in Laax. The snow looks like it's gonna be really good - I can't wait.

We're travelling in two groups: four people by car and four by plane. I'm in the second group, so I don't leave until tomorrow morning. But the others, well, they're on their slow but steady course as I write this. The road trip. I kinda wish I was on it.

No complaints though. I'll get to sleep in my bed tonight at least. I'm taking my laptop so I hope to make some updates while I'm out there - so stay posted.


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Avoriaz Park, January 2007

Posted by on Thursday, March 01, 2007

I've joined together the clips taken in Avoriaz earlier this year. This is the first time I've done anything with video from the new camera and I've encountered a problem - the aspect ratio, which should be widescreen.

No doubt I'm missing something obvious, but my usual route of importing my .avi into Windows Movie Maker and doing the compression there led to the image being squashed...

Anyhow, it's getting late, this thing is bugging me out and I've still got a handful of things to get sorted for the Laax trip this Saturday. So, here's the (squashed) video, I'll sort it out properly when I return. Enjoy.

Update: I was missing something really simple with the aspect ratio. I've now replaced the video with the correct one... Also, the song that I've used in the sequence is New Slang by The Shins. Here's an iTunes link (UK store): The Shins - Oh, Inverted World - New Slang

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