About Afterbang

Afterbang is a snowboarding site and blog designed for you, the snowboarder. The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy what you read, watch and look at. Here’s what the Afterbang site is about:

  • Providing useful information, guides, reviews and how-tos
  • Helping beginner snowboarders
  • Helping intermiediate and freestyle snowboarders progress
  • Looking at the best gear and equipment for snowboarders
  • Posting the best, new snowboard videos
  • Engaging the opinions of snowboarders

The Home page groups together featured content. Underneath the featured-slider you’ll find two important groups of posts: Have Your Say and Snowboard TV. Snowboard TV speaks for itself – good shred clips that are worth watching. Have Your Say articles question your snowboarding views – they’re popular with readers.

The Blog has articles from all areas of snowboarding, including the featured articles on the Home page. If you’re interested in gear, there’s an area of the site specifically for product related posts: New Snowboard Gear. If you want to watch yet more snoboarding videos – check out the Video section.

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Afterbang Snowboard “Guides”

There are currently three snowboarding guides on the site:

What Readers Think of Afterbang

Readers tend to contribute to the articles that they relate with, or have an opinion on. For example, How Many Snowboards Do You Need?, Should You Wear a Snowboarding Helmet? and What’s the Best Snowboarding Companion Sport? – all have interesting views from readers. Not to mention the infamous Why Snowboarding is Better than Skiing.

Helping snowboarders to learn, and to progress, is a key aim of the afterbang site. Articles such as How to Use a Balance Rail to Improve Your Snowboarding have proven useful. Similarly, many snowboarders are benefiting from the Learn to Snowboard Guide and the Snowboard Tricks Guide.

Instruction can sometimes be really helpful when it comes to progression. Snowboard instruction is reviewed and if it’s good, recommended. Ever since it was reviewed in 2007, Neil McNab’s “Go Snowboard” DVD has been popular with readers. It’s cheap and has great technique-improving exercises, especially for intermediates. Hundreds of readers have bought it.

More recently, both the Learn 2 Ride Program and the Freestyle Program by Snowboard Addiction have been reviewed and highly recommended. The best instruction that afterbang has encountered – if you want to know more, check out those reviews.

Popular Articles

A selection of some of the most popular posts…

About the Author

My name is Gavin Hope. I’ve been snowboarding since 2002/2003 and started to write the afterbang blog in 2006. Initially much of the focus was around my own riding (and occasionally skateboarding). As much as I like to document my snowboarding progression and adventures, the discovery that readers found my reviews, opinions and guides helpful – lead me to focus more on being useful to snowboarders.

Since starting the blog I’ve also written a few resort reviews for the World Snowboard Guide. The biggest review covered the entire Porres Du Soleil area, which includes resorts like Morzine, Avoriaz and Chatel. I’ve also reviewed some of the slopes in the UK, like Chill Factore and Halifax

Most recently, I’ve added Guides to the site, designed to group together a bunch of related tips, ideas, reviews and instruction – to help snowboarders as they progress.

Overall I love to snowboard and really enjoy writing about it, too. If you’re interested in more of my riding experiences, trips and personal progression, check out this page: More About the Author.

If you’d like to contact me, my email address in on the contact page.

Enjoy Afterbang!

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