The Afterbang Blog is Closing Down

I started writing the afterbang blog back in 2006. For a good number of years I was able to dedicate a lot of my time to writing about snowboarding. And riding, too. The peak of this blog’s activity went hand in hand with me spending a decent amount time on the board, both in the UK and abroad.

Unfortunately, this blog has been in steady decline for the last couple of years. These days, there’s simply nothing fresh hitting the site. Much less blogging, and less riding, too.

I could say that it’s a shame, but it’s not really, it’s just that things change. Old challenges are replaced with new ones. For me, as long as I continue to enjoy life, everything is cool (to be clear though, more snowboarding would of course be welcome).

What is a shame is knowing that the afterbang site is dwindling away in the background. Sometimes, I get a nagging voice suggesting that I could ‘get back into writing about snowboarding’. A brief flutter of procrastination is quickly followed by the realisation that I simply don’t have time.

More often though, it’s just saddening to be reminded of something that I once gave so much of my time and effort to, is now dying a slow death.

I’m not good with ‘open loops’ – and the annual hosting cost is the nail in the coffin. So, I’m going to move on from this. I’m going to close it down.

That said, I think some of the articles on here might still be useful to people. For that reason, I’m going to archive the content and send it over to the Snowboarding Days site. Maybe some snowboarders will find it there and get some value from it.

I got a lot of enjoyment working on this site between 2006 and 2012. Blogging was a big part of the snowboarding, and skateboarding, that I did in that time. It was a blast.

I’ve also met a lot of really good people through this blog, and through riding. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read my blog, to post comments, to email in, to contribute and share, to meet me in resort, to snowboard with me… Take it easy and shred as often as you can ;).

One final shout out to the Robot Food crew and one of the best all-time snowboard films, Afterbang. Awesome.

I’ll continue to love snowboarding.


Scott Stevens in “Right Brain Left Brain”

Really fun, inventive part from Scott Stevens, 2011.

I’m getting ready to ride at the start of February. Good snow at the moment in Morzine/Avoriaz. Stoked!

#RIDEMORE with O’Neill

Just recently, O’Neill have kicked off a global mission to get people riding more. Not just riding more – but also sharing the experience. In their words, this is what #RIDEMORE is about:

“Why? Because every day can’t be a bluebird powder day. Some days you can’t even get to the mountain. Some days the best riding is in your hometown. #RIDEMORE is about finding alternative ways to ride wherever you are. To find different terrain, to step outside the ordinary, and most of all – be creative.”

I really like this because it struck a chord. After watching so much snowboarding, I think I’ve been conditioned to notice spots when I see them. I used to work in the centre of Newcastle, which has a decent selection to get creative with. Way back in 2007 I snapped a few for this blog and dropped them in a category, City Spots. Although I don’t work in the centre anymore, I live there now. One of those rails is literally on the doorstep. Here’s a fresh perspective:

I like this spot for a couple of reasons. First, with a bit of practice, I think I could 50-50 it. Or at least, make an attempt. Second, it would make a great shot with the Millenium Bridge in the background. Especially at night, when the bridge lights up with different colours…

Get Involved, Prizes Up for Grabs with #RIDEMORE

Every week, O’Neill will be giving away free gear for some of the best city spots. Here’s how you can join in:

#RIDEMORE + #CITYNAME Every week we’ll be giving away prizes of outerwear, accessories and headphones – all you need to do is upload and share images or videos that inspire you to #RIDEMORE on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our Tumblr page…

Upload a picture of your dream city riding spot and at the end of the season O’Neill will make it rideable with a truckload of real snow. Each week one of the most original entries will be rewarded with O’Neill gear #RIDEMORE #CITYNAME

Plus throughout the season local O’Neill stores throughout Europe will be giving away swag and organizing pop-up events to get local riders connecting together and helping everyone to #RIDEMORE.

Here’s a link to O’Neill’s Tumblr page.

Need Some Inspiration?

O’Neill team rider (skier) Paddy Graham has been eyeing up a spot in London’s Trafalgar Square. Like he says, I’m not sure how easy that would be to hit, given the high-profile nature of the location but still, it’s a good looking rail. From Paddy Graham:

“When I’m at the square, this particular kinked rail always seems to grab my attention. It’s a super long rail that goes across four sets of steps, and it would be a great spot to shoot a sequenced photo of me sliding the rail and doing a switch up in between, with the crowded square in it and the National Art Gallery all lit up in the background.”

#RIDEMORE has a good feel to it. Get out there and find some spots. Even better – if you get some snow where you live this winter – go ride them!

Win a Complete Snowboard “Kit” with Dogfunk

Dogfunk are running a pretty sick competition at the moment – the winner gets:

  • Board, boots, bindings
  • Jacket, pants, helmet, goggles, gloves

That’s a pretty comprehensive setup!

The competition runs up until the 21st December – but you can enter once every week, as they’re giving away $25 gift certificates (weekly), running up until the end of the comp…

Here’s a link to the competition page.

Christy Prior – Spring Shred

At this time of year, as the start of the season is knocking on the door, there’s no shortage of videos to get you amped for snowboarding. If you like taking laps in the park, this short clip from Christy Prior should hit the mark.

Sick style and nice pop – she makes hitting all the park features look easy.

Spring sessions from Cardrona, New Zealand. Check it out:

Australia: A Look At Perisher

Some of my family are moving out to Australia and will probably end up living in Sydney. No doubt we’ll visit – so I’ve been checking out possible snowboard options…

The first looking that I did, via The World Snowboard Guide, showed Perisher to ‘look decent’. A bit of quick feedback on Facebook suggested Falls Creek or Perisher – with a comment that Perisher gets the most annual snowfall…

Google Maps shows the drive to be approximately 5 hours from Sydney. Not super close, but it’s an easy drive for a few days, or a week, of good shreddin. Especially when stacked next to the 1 hour 45 minute drive to an indoor snow slope, 150m in length!

I’ve picked out a couple of videos showing the park. I don’t know what the rest of the mountain is like, or what expectations people who ride there a lot, have. A decent park would be a good enough draw for me…

Anyone ridden there? What’s it like? What about other resorts that are close-ish to Sydney?

Mid-Week Eye Candy: Board and Bindings Deal

I’ve been browsing Dogfunk – they’ve got a pretty sweet deal at the moment if you’re looking to buy a new board and new bindings…

If you buy a new snowboard at full price, you can get a set of outlet bindings at up to 50% off. As far as I can see, their selection of outlet bindings is simply limited in available sizes and colours.

Dogfunk’s snowboards page (affiliate link) has all of their boards and a link to the available outlet bindings.

As an example, the Lib Tech Skate Banana at $489.95 can be bought with the Union Force bindings at $119.97 (40% off $199.85). Not bad if you need a new set!

Nike’s Never Not Part 2

Out of sequence, I watched Part 2 of Nike’s Never Not on Friday evening. I’ll be going back to watch Part 1, for sure.

“Never Not Part 2 takes a deeper look at snowboarding, going beyond the action, the tricks, & the travel to expose the people behind the progression…”

I love this style of film, it really works for me. If you haven’t seen it yourself, make your own mind up, Part 2 is embedded below. But, I’ve got to point out one of the sickest shots I’ve seen for a long time! 15:25 in, there’s an aerial/heli shot of Haldor Helgason… just watch it, so good!