How To Make A Balance Rail To Improve Your Snowboarding

The idea of a balance rail was presented to me as part of a series of instructional videos. The aim: work on your balance, body position and movement without actually being on the hill. Improve whilst you’re at home. That sounds good, doesn’t it? So how do I get one?

Actually there’s not much too it. I popped into a builder’s merchants on the way home from a shopping centre and bought a single, 3.0m length of 4″ x 4″. No planning required. The cost was £7

3m might seem quite long at first, but it’s probably the right length overall for what you need. I ended up cutting off two, 40cm segments into the car park as it wouldn’t fit in the car in one piece.

The design, as you can see in the pictures, is pretty simple. After taking off the two supports (40cm each) you’re left with around 2m of usable rail, which is a good length considering the size of different snowboards out there.

Nothing to it:

As far as the construction goes, I used a few 4″ nails for each support. Longer probably would have been better, but they were the longest I had in the shed and I was keen to give it a try, and so far there haven’t been any problems.

And there it is – a balance rail. Easy really; once you’ve got the wood you can put it together in 15 minutes. Now all you’ve got to do is use it…

Balance rail in action

If you want to see how to use the balance rail, check out this post, which includes a video.

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6 Responses to “How To Make A Balance Rail To Improve Your Snowboarding”
  1. Reuben says:

    How do you use this then?

  2. Gavin says:

    I’m glad you asked :)

    I’m planning on putting a little video up showing how I’ve been using it. That should give people a good idea…

    Cheers, Gavin

  3. Matt says:

    Any news on the video?

  4. dewei says:

    Hey Gavin,

    Do you use an old snowboard to practise on the balance rail?

    It is still too early for me to consider a balance rail. I was led to this post by a new post in another excellent blog I follow – Chris Skinner’s

  5. Gavin says:

    Hey Dewei,

    yeah I do use an old board on the balance rail – it’s the board I keep around for riding on snowflex. That being said, the wood is fairly soft and I can’t see it being any worse than real rails and boxes – so if I didn’t have an old board I’d be inclined to use my “normal” board.

    Had I just bought it and it was brand new, not yet used on snow, I’d probably feel bad about that and maybe not do it – but that’s me ;)

    As for Key Aspects, yeah I saw the post there about the balance rail, and you’re right, it is a great blog. I’m a subscriber ;)

    Cheers, Gavin