Good Stuff * 2

In a round about way, I ended up finding the following video on Vimeo. It’s a few different cuts, filmed and edited by a guy named Jake (Jacob Parish).

I wanted to share it, so I contacted Jake to ask a few questions and check that he didn’t mind. Here are some details:

In the snowboard video the rider is Andy Kantola, a friend from my hometown; I had taken a trip to see him a couple winters back. He lived in Park City and I lived in Burbank California, attending video editing school. I shot it on a Panasonic DVX100b with the 24PA frame rate setings. It was shot in and around Park City Utah, with an ending in Copper Mountain Colorado. His profile was mostly shot in Charlevoix Michigan… Hometown

There’re a few reasons that I really like this video. The first thing that grabbed me is the video quality. It’s good, it pulls you in. One of things I asked was what he’d filmed it with – a Panasonic DVX100b – just looking at the camere you can guess it’s decent, and it shows. Then there’s the editing. Lots of creative ideas, different perspectives of a shot spliced together nicely, I think it’s impressive.

But it’s not just the filming and editing, I enjoyed the snowboarding too. The rider, Andy, definitely has some moves, and I think sequence of cuts shows him progressing. The back-country section is really good – there are some really interesting lines in there with nice style to boot. Combined with creative filming, I think the overall result is pretty sick!

Anyhow, here’s the video, take a look and enjoy…

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3 Responses to “Good Stuff * 2”
  1. aalion says:

    The best snowboard vids are those who inspire people to try out new stuff. This guy makes it all look smooth and the vid editing is over the top ! tnx for sharing.

  2. ak says:

    its me! i hope anyone who sees this edit has all the respect for for jake LP, my main man…

  3. Gavin says:

    Hey Andy, thanks for stopping by, and thanks to you and Jake for putting a sweet video together. Like I said above, really nice shredding in there, I especially like some of the backcountry lines you guys filmed!

    Cheers, Gav