Home Sweet Home

I’m at home now, I’ve been released from hospital, it feels great.

That’s not to say that my time in hospital was horrible – I was very impressed with the overall experience and the staff were excellent. However, toward the end of my stay, the last 4 or 5 days or so, I was ready to come home, the boredom was kicking in. In total, I was in hospital for 15 nights, I’ve been home since Thursday afternoon…

So what’s the state of play?

The worst injury was to my right femur, which was describe as being shattered. I desperately wanted a copy of the xrays, both before and after the surgery, but was told that wasn’t possible. I did get to see them though. Before the operation, the bone was completely snapped in two, separate places, and there were additional cracks and fractures. It looked a mess.

The after-shot shows a metal pin running the full length of the femur – longer than a 12″ ruler – with two screws at the bottom and one at the top, holding it all in place. I think they dislocated the femur from the hip, stuck a camera in on the inside of my knee, made an insision at the hip and then fed the metal pin down the middle. My understanding is that non of the metal work is coming out.

So I’m on crutches. There’s no cast, not even a bandage, the leg is essentially fixed. It just needs to heal. It’s 0% weight bearing – and it could be 3 months before the physios even start me applying any pressure to my right leg. It’s gonna take some time.

Early on, before the operation

Apart from a number of cuts and bruises, and an ear that needed gluing back together, the other injury was a fractured skull. As I understand it, the doctors have been happy for a while now that this isn’t going to cause me any problems. My left ear has been full of dried blood for the whole time, and the plan is to leave it that way, for the time being at least, while things heal behind the scenes. The worst part of this are the headaches. Most often in the morning, it’s annoying, and they tell me the healing process could produce headaches for a month or two. Bummer. But I do get the feeling it’s improving…

After the operation I required two blood transfusions. I also acquired a blood clot in my lungs. The latter is troublesome because I’m now on a 6 month course of warfarin, to prevent further clots.

Whilst the accident itself was unlucky, I do think I’ve been lucky in the outcome. It could have been a lot worse. I’m home now, I can get around the place on my cruches, slowly, and I can start to do some of the normal things that people do day-to-day. That feels good.

Leg in traction, before the operation, very painful!

I’m probably going to be off work for the next two months. It might be a little less, it could be a little more, but that’s the current estimate from my doctors.

And Snowboarding?

Unfortunately next season is out, for sure. It’s probably going to be in the region of 12 months before I can do contact-style sport, but perhaps a little sooner. I’m assuming this includes snowboarding, and I don’t have any reason at the moment to think that I’d be prevented from shredding in the future, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. The currrent trick list is on hold :)

So for now, I’m physically, out of action, there’ll be no tales of my own snowboarding. But I do plan to keep writing – so stick around. And finally, thanks for the comments on the previous post, they’re much appreciated.

Cheers, Gav

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6 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”
  1. Dan says:

    Glad to hear you’re out Gav!

  2. Gavin says:

    Cheers, it’s good to be home :)

  3. alf says:

    ruddy hell, I check your blog from time to time and always enjoy it…thought there was a suspicious amount of activity on it…I can see why.
    get well soon

  4. Gavin says:

    Yeah, I’ve had a bit of spare time on my hands :)
    Cheers! Gav

  5. Dan says:

    Holy crap man, ive been reading over your blog all day (as you can probably tell from my sporadic comments) but i somehow missed this until now. Looks like you got yourself into some pretty rough shape.. hope all is well.

    ps, i like the latest blog design you got going

  6. Gavin says:

    Glad you’ve enjoyed reading through it :) The recovery is going well, but slow, very soon I’ll be putting weight through my right leg.

    It turns out I might be able to get a copy of the X-rays, at first I was told it wasn’t possible, so I might be able to show what happened!

    Thanks for the comments on the design – I think the addition of the second navigator pane is helping people find stuff to read.

    Cheers, Gavin