Update: Missing Out On Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, Online vs. In Store? And Physiotherapy


There’s a premiere of Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, tomorrow night in Amsterdam. If you don’t know, Deeper is a film put together by Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity Research. It’s not only Jones shredding it in – there are a bunch of other big freeriders, like Travis Rice and Johan Olofsson. From what I’ve heard and read, it’s hard core backcountry action and filming. Sounds good!

Here’s the disappointing part: Phillips in partnership with O’Neill are launching a new range of headphones, aimed at people doing sports like snowboarding. This combo are hosting the premiere tomorrow night, and they wanted to fly me out, hotel me, and fly me back, to take part. That’s pretty cool. Here’s what the event involves:

  • A hands on experience with the Philips | O’Neill headphones collection
  • Exclusive interviews with athletes – Ane Enderud and Jeremy Jones
  • Dinner and Drinks with Jeremy Jones
  • A private screening of the film: Deeper

I’ve had to decline, which was hard. I’m still on both crutches; I can walk with one, but that’s only really when ‘exercising’. Getting on a plane and travelling with bags, a camera, maybe my laptop, just didn’t seem like a good idea. Really disappointed.

I quite like technology, especially audio devices, so the headphones would have been interesting, especially given that they’re designed for use by shredders. You can check the out here, they look pretty good. But meeting Jeremy Jones, that would have been awesome. He’s and amazing snowboarder, he’s done so much, so many questions to ask!

That’s definitely a score for the downsides of this injury.

Online Shopping?

One of my friends, Kristof Deneyer, wrote an interesting post recently about the choice of either buying gear online or from a local dealer/shop. It’s certainly a hot topic at the moment – one that I think has been fuelled by the demise of Sierra Snowboard in the US. Sierra are/were a huge online outfit, offering heavy discounts. That’s my limited knowledge. I haven’t been following that story as actively as some, but if you’d like to catch up on the situation, the AngrySnowboarder has it pretty well covered.

Speaking of AngrySnowboarder, I worked with the editor to write a post for the site: Are The Snowboard Parks In The USA And Canada Better Than Those In Europe? – you should check it out.

As for online shopping vs. in-store, and the effect it’s having on our snowboarding shops, Kristof’s post has made me think about formulating my own views on the subject; so if you’re interested in that debate, why not drop a comment?

Physiotherapy Progress

Progression has been good over the last week. Weight transfer to and from the damaged leg is fairly easy now, while the good leg is still in contact with the ground. I can lock my knee out, and the range of movement from the knee and hip is increasing. As an exercise, I can walk using only one crutch. It’s a strange feeling because I have to concentrate on making my leg muscles work, I have to think about getting the timing right.

The progress is very rewarding. Without overdoing it, I can actively help myself back to recovery now. Awesome.

I was explaining to the physiotherapist that although my quadricep seems to be stepping up to the plate, I have been getting some pain around my hip and groin. That’s what we looked at on Tuesday. He tested the different movements to compare the range of movement with the good leg, and then gave me a bunch of exercises to strengthen the hip.

Very interesting. With some of them I’m using a hand to feel for the muscle working – it really highlights how much the muscles have wasted away!

So my quadriceps and hamstrings are leading the pack. The hip area, which took a real beating in the operation, is lagging behind a little and causing me some pain. I like an underdog. I’ll be working hard with it this week. Bring on walking. Bring on getting fit again. And bring on snowboarding…

Email Subscription

I almost forgot, I’ve added the option to subscribe by email alongside the existing RSS subscription. It’s personal choice, if you’d like to have articles and posts delivered to either your RSS reader or your email inbox, rather than visiting the site directly, check out either of those links. You won’t miss out on stuff that way.

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8 Responses to “Update: Missing Out On Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, Online vs. In Store? And Physiotherapy”
  1. aalion says:

    A few months ago I bought my Burton custom v-rocker ltd @ Sierra, after that (couple of weeks later) i read the post on theangrysnowboarder website after hearing some rumours about Sierra bankrupcy. I guess it’s also part of the inspiration for the post.

  2. Gavin says:

    Hey aalion, how are you liking the Custom? Did they ship that from the States? Last I thought, Burton was one of the brands that shops aren’t allowed to export. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from DogFunk, and they weren’t allowed to export Burton (among others) to the UK…

  3. aalion says:

    Yep from California, My guess is that Sierra just wanted to sell all the Burton stuff because the contract was lost anyways so they didn’t really applied the dealer restrictions :D.

  4. Gavin says:

    Haha, that’s probably it. I’m glad you wrote that post; I’m looking forward to putting my thoughts on it down, here. So many shredders seem to be against buying online, and whilst I understand that, not everyone has the luxury of being close to good shops with good selection and good staff…

  5. Damn thats so anoying you miss out on the deeper premier.
    would of been amazing.
    i was so upset when i heard about sierra. ive shoped at all the big name online stores(the house, dog funk, tactics, sierra plus lots of ebay stores) and they were by far the best. there prices were cheapest, they sent to aus for half the price of anyone else and it would arrive US to australia in under 5 days with normall post. plus there was always someone online to answer any questions you had. I too thought it was odd that they started sending burton now it all makes sence…. now i think ill try give my local swiss store (backdoor) all my bussiness where possible.

  6. Gavin says:

    Hey Zak,

    not that I’ve followed it much, but that’s the first time I’ve heard of Sierra Snowboards being really good at customer service, normally you just hear that their prices are cheap :)

    Like I said, the only online shop I’ve used from the States is DogFunk, twice. They were good both times, and I’d use them again, although import tax can gat ya :) I’ve been to The House, the store, when I was over in America. It was massive, loads of selection, loads of everything! We don’t have shops like that in the UK!

  7. yer ive never had anything but good things to say about sierra. its not just that the employee are good at service but there is a whole community of people on there that will help you out too. after reading all the reports on angry snowboarder it seems as though the owner was pretty dodgy but i never noticed it.
    we dont have sales tax for anything under $1000 in australia… and you can sometimes still get away with even more then that too. so it makes it pretty hard not to buy online sometimes. but that swiss store i mentioned really helps out our local park/mountain with event ete and also any warranty issues ive ever had with gear ive taken there and they helped me out straight away even though i didnt buy the stuff there. i wasnt till i got to whistler and seen how bad the service is in some of the stores here that i realised just how good they are at backdoor back in switz really is. so yer now i think im going to try make most my purchases there and just pay that little bit extra.

  8. Gavin says:

    I’ve got one, local snowboard shop. Their selection is actually pretty good, for the size of the shop, and given that it isn’t snowboard-only. I’ve tended to buy boards from there, rather than other stuff. For clothing, they just don’t have the selection, or for boots.

    Boards: Lib Tech T.Rice, Nitro T2, Ride Kink, Rome Agent, Rome Anthem and Burton Clash, all local.

    I’ll head in there are the start of the season and browse around. If they don’t have the thing I’m after, I’ll ask if they can get it in… often the answer is “probably not”. If they do have it, I’ll buy local. But I won’t buy something I don’t want :)