Winter Has Arrived

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve heard various reports of fresh snow, “it’s dumping here”, “snowplough needed to clear the roads there” – it feels like there’s going to be loads of snow this season. Under normal circumstances, those being living in the UK and not in the mountains, it’s hard to take. But knowing that I won’t be shredding this season, it’s even harder! Tres jealous ;)

Well it’s even dumping in Newcastle tonight. Slight exaggeration – but it has snowed heavily on and off. Being forced to wear clothes straight from the board bag in the loft is a sure sign that winter has arrived…

I’m off to Ireland for a few days, coming home on Sunday evening. It might be -9 over there, ouch that’s cold. There have been one or two snowboarding thoughts percolating around inside my head over the last couple of weeks, mostly to do with when and where I’m going to be snowboarding next, and for how long. I plan to share them next week when I get back.

In the meantime, I’ll share this, something that I found on the Shark Snowboarding site and have been meaning to post for a while. Summer is long gone, winter is here. I think this video is awesome in so many ways – quality summer snowboarding. Enjoy.

summer shredding? from PictureControl on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to “Winter Has Arrived”
  1. Reneator says:

    Hey Gavin,

    I haven’t posted here for a while and got a lot to tell ya, so this now will be a sitrep:

    First: Yeah its already snowing in germany, and everything is covered by 10 centimeters thick snow here in munich! :D So im looking forward to snowboarding, but i actually miss my board, because i left it home and when i came here to munich it actually began to snow hard xD *mourn*
    So I lost some part of my Sense of life after this weekend, and i have to orientate my Life newly as the aspect being a pupil…

    second part is, that i, i read it often on your homepage here (in this picture actually at the right side a big big Picture of it :D),maybe your already guessing it!! Yeah i bought the Snowboard Addiction program and im really enthusiastic of it. (having tons of snow laying in front of your window where youre just sitting and having no board with you is really depressing…)

    At first i watched the demos on youtube and SA’s page itself (At the beginning of the year). The i read it here on your homepage, and it came back to my mind (before that i really forgotten it and didn’t think it would be something professional) so i watched back to their homepage and found me watching their new demos about “advanced Jumping tutorial” so i signed up for the second vid, and sent the 3rd vid to friends of mine.
    Some days later i got a mail with a 20% account (lower price(didnt excactly know how to write it)) and they got me :D (Im a southern german people, and some of them called “Schwaben” like it to save money and are famous to be a bit penuriosly!^^ and a bit of that i got to with my mother being one :D^^)
    So i bought it the next day when being at home with my paypal (very much better option to credit card billing way)

    so i downloaded it with a speed of 3Mbytes/s :D (fuck yeah internet(web)!)
    I chose the download option over the dvd option, because of the cheaper price and the better flexibility with your datas (i can have it here in munich and at home with no danger of forgetting my dvds :D)

    My first impression was, that those Vids were made really professional and the speecher is really charsimatic and friendly, but also professional!
    So i had the feeling of learning a bunch of new things from just watching the first videos :D (all the intros Buttering/Jibbing/Jumping So i already feel more confident in my riding^^ having a wayto learn it properly :D) (Besides i wanted to ask you, if you are also doing the little detuning described in the “Bonus tuning” in the jumping vol.1 Dvd?? (the detuning the edges at the reversing points at the nose and tail?)

    So yeah i think it will help me a lot in my riding, beside im doing a freestyle lesson in the holidays, so you will have someone doing both at the same time, Lesson and SA :D

    have fun a good recovery for you!
    and peace and love!


    P.S i know i still owe you a balance rail vid^^

  2. Gavin says:

    Hey Rene,

    you do still owe the balance rail vid!

    I’m glad you got the SA video program – I really do think it’s top notch, and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any other tuition that comes close to it. Just before the accident, those videos had my sliding FS boards and grabbing the nose, sick! I can’t wait to get back on the board again, to work on more stuff.

    I’m listening to the Jedi program at the moment – write up coming soon. It’s very good, but I think it’s too expensive. I haven’t quite formulated my thoughts on the whole thing, and I haven’t finished all the audios. But I think I might contact the guy who makes them, and see if he does any promotional discounts or something like that.

    Oh, btw, it’s “discounts” that you were looking for ;)

    Glad you’ve got snow!
    Take it easy,

  3. Matt says:

    So excited for all the snow to come! seriously though, look after yourselves.

  4. Boot Dryer says:

    So happy the season has opened up. Going to be a great winter.

  5. Gavin says:

    Yeah I think you’re right. Let’s hope so! And hope that the season after is good too… that’s the one I’m most interested in ;)