How Many Resorts Have Lockers?

OK – lockers might not be something that springs to mind when you think about your next snowboarding trip, but have you ever wondered why more snowboard resorts don’t have lockers on the mountain?

I say more, because I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen some lockers in a lift station somewhere, up the mountain – but I don’t remember where that was. They might not even have been for public use…

But wouldn’t these be handy for mountain users? Am I the only one who wants to take a camera up the hill, but not carry it around all-day long? Use it in the afternoon when the sun comes out? And what about lunch? I’d make my own lunch for sure, but there’s no way I’m jamming it in a pocket all morning. Spare layers? Goggle lens…

Sure, lots of people ride with a pack, but I prefer riding without one, it feels less restrictive. I’d happily pay to put my stuff in a locker rather than have it weighing me down while I’m riding around.

Flexibility in Fernie. When we stayed at the Cornerstone Lodge in Fernie, our apartment was right next to the base lift – at the foot of the slopes. I really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to drop things back, or collect something, without needing to move too far from the hill. Super convenient.

I think lockers near lift stations or restaurants could bring the same type of flexibility.

What do you think?

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9 Responses to “How Many Resorts Have Lockers?”
  1. Fraser says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter! And great blog btw!

    I think that locker’s would be fantastic! The reasons you give are pretty much the same as what I would say: I take my camera with me everyday up the slope and yet some days take no photos, I might just want to concentrate on my riding or maybe the visibility is poor, dropping it off in a locker would be perfect especially to keep it safe from my inevitable bails!
    Also the packed lunch! Now i normally go on holidays with my family, and my dad is a ski instructor so he takes the backpack with sarnies in. But on occasion it can be like eaten pancakes for lunch! Also it would mean not having to rely on being with that one person in order to eat! (Bloody slow skiers)

  2. Gavin says:

    Hey Fraser,

    yeah it would be cool! Still laughing at the comment about your dad being the carrier of all sarnies :)

    I would take my camera up everyday, if I knew I had the option of dropping it off somewhere. You never know when someone is going to find a nice hit, or be riding well, and wish they had something to film it. That’s one of the key reasons I’m interested in the GoPro, because it’s small enough to just leave in the pocket, and (hopefully) not really notice that it’s there.

    Thanks for dropping a comment, and glad you enjoy reading the blog,

  3. 9wizard9 says:

    My first trip was to Banff anf I remember using the lockers at Sunshine for the first few days and thinking they were incredibly useful. I must say, all my trips since then I’ve not really felt the need. I do ride with a pack, so that might be some of the reason, but in the main the sort of stuff I take up now has been trimmed down to cope without lockers. They’d probably still be useful if I was starting anew, but I’m used to not having them now, so I don’t think I’d use them any more.

    Main problem probably stems from large resorts (such as those in the alps) where you probably won’t be back to your locker until the end of the day, so not so much use having easy access to stuff if you’re not coming near the locker again until much later. Somewhere like Sunshine, where a lot of runs mean you’ll end up back where you started, I can see that it’d be more useful.

  4. i know whistler has lockers… think there about 3 dollars a day. i havent had to use them cos i work right next to the base lift so i just drop it in the morning but defiantly agree they could be useful. having said that when i ride my local mountain in switz i just drop my bag at the park or at the top of the gondi and go off for the day. i wouldnt use them even if they were there. you dont have to worry about your stuff much there. just dont leave your bike unlocked on a friday night.

  5. Gavin says:

    @9wizard9 – yeah, in some large resorts I can see that people could get caught out being a good distance from their gear at the end of the day – not good. If you’re riding with a pack, I’d agree that it will pretty much eliminate the need for a locker.

    Interesting that Sunshine has lockers – cool.

    @citizens – I’d pay to use the lockers at Whistler at $3 per day. Where are they? Base station, or a little further up?

    I’ve been to Les Diablerets in Switzerland, around November time, lapping the park. Very chilled out atmosphere – I just left my bag in one of the little huts, everyone did.

    I repeated that in Les Deux Alpes… not so good, I had a £650 camera stolen, with a wide angle lens attached. Not happy, and I had some decent footage on there too!

    Give me a locker :)

  6. shit sucks about the camera… ive had a few stolen and broken and always the worst part is loosing the footage. i had all the tapes from the best skate footage ive ever had bout 3 months worth of filming stolen straight out of my bedroom… id pay alot to see those tapes again.
    i know they have lockers at the round house which is the top of the tree line at whistler(top of whistler gondi and the top of the park chair so best place for them on the mountain id say) dont know if the rendezvous at blackcomb has them as well but wouldnt be surprised thats pretty much at the same level.

  7. Genius idea. They usually put lockers in the most inconvenient places which defeats the purpose of using the locker in the first place. I might as well just leave my stuff in the car while I’m snowboarding.

  8. Daniel says:

    i always ride with a backpack. i carry my avalanche equipment all the time in case i see a nice powder run, so a few extra snacks don’t add much weight. i don’t see the pack as problem while riding though.

  9. Gavin says:

    @citizens – yeah, it sucks, and you’re right about the footage. I had some nice shots of me hitting the hip at Deux Alpes, which was pretty big, and I was pleased with it. Really want that! That’s good info for Whistler, thanks! I’m glad that they’ve got them – might be there next year :)

    @snowboard socks, thanks :)

    @Daniel – I hear you about the avvy gear in your pack. If it’s a powder day I have a bigger pack, with my avvy gear in there, and I don’t mind riding with a backpack. When I’m making powder runs, I’m not jibbing in the soft stuff and trying to throw 3s and 5s, well, not that many anyway :)

    It’s mainly for jibbing around that I don’t like the pack for… if it’s a powder day, no problems :) thanks for commenting. Gav