Mid-Week Eye Candy: Jamie Nicholls plus Gear

Two videos to look at

OK – first up is some shredding from one of the UK’s finest – Jamie Nicholls. I’ve been following Jamie on twitter for a while, and more recently, been reading and watching some stuff from his blog. I don’t know Jamie personally, but I’ve seen him and his friends shredding at Cas’ a whole load of times – he seems like a nice guy and he’s got some pretty rad skills on a snowboard…

Here are two edits, the first is a montage of Jamie, Rowan and Ethan, the second is a top to bottom run in Laax (plus extras) – you can read about them, briefly, here.

Two bits of gear to look at

Bindings. Not too long ago I replace my old Drake MLB bindings with some Burton Missions. At the time, I was considering getting the Burton Cobrashark Bindings instead. I wasn’t sure about how soft they were, which isn’t necessarily a problem for me, but I thought I’d be better off overall with the Missions, especially with the addition of the powder-hungry, Capita Charlie Slasher…

Anyhow, Shayboarder tried the Cobrasharks toward the end of January – if you’re interested in them, you can read the review.

Contraband. Every time I see this, the Analog Contraband Flask, I want to buy it. It’s not like I’d put it to much use; from time to time I’ll take a sip of something hot and be pleased for it, but it’s a rare occurrence. I just like the way it looks. What about you? Do you take a hip flask up on the hill? It’s probably something my dad would put to good use, but if I bought one for him I’d end up thinking it should be in my pocket :)

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2 Responses to “Mid-Week Eye Candy: Jamie Nicholls plus Gear”
  1. Dave says:

    Cool vids!!

    Diggin the flask too. The bindings sound right up my street as i’m stuck with just hitting snow domes this season. That being said, my Agency tro’its (only google knows how ancient these are) are still holding up……………for now :-)

    good post

  2. Gavin says:

    Hey, thanks Dave.

    That’s something I’ve found myself, some bindings can hang on for a long time. I’ve just replaced the MLBs – but to be fair, apart from the buckles sometimes jamming, they still work just fine, and perform well. They’re light, a good flex, straps fit good, etc. Might just keep them on an old board for the snowflex at Halifax…

    I want the flask :)