Torstein – Le Side Hits

Torstein does a great job of mixing fun stuff with great riding in his videos – this example of some shredding in France (Chamonix) is no exception. Sure, there isn’t anything huge in here – but it’s still awesome. It’s gonna make you smile; check out “Le Side Hits”:

France #5 – Le Side Hits from Torstein Horgmo.

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4 Responses to “Torstein – Le Side Hits”
  1. dewei says:

    Love it. Simple fun on the side I could defo try. Gavin, do you have links to any more vids like that? I need lots of ideas to spice up my piste riding. My week in the mountains will be with beginner skiers (albeit my lovely wife and kids) . No mates to learn from! :(

  2. Gavin says:

    Yeah it’s awesome isn’t it ;)

    I don’t have anything quite as purely “side hits” as that. There was this post (but you’ve already seen it):

    Not sure if you’ve seen the middle video in this one?

    I’ll be on the look out for similar videos, and I’ll post them as I find them. Some of my own, personal videos from a while back might be fun/useful? Perhaps this one is the most suited to what I think you’re after:

    Let me know what you think…

  3. dewei says:

    Thanks Gavin.
    I’ve not really had time to look at the videos before work but I had a glimpse of you doing a back flip/ barrel roll. Wow! this something that both attracts and terrifies me in equal measure! I’m wondering how to have a try without doing a silly injury!

  4. Gavin says:

    Hey dewei – it’s a strange thing that, working up to giving it a try.

    I got an email towards the start of the year – asking for a follow on to the “8 targets for the progressing beginner…” post, and one of the questions in there was along the lines of: “how do you work up to trying something like a backflip?”

    OK – so it’s not like I’ve got these on lock down or anything. Those attempts in that Laax video were the first I’d ever tried. I guess it just got to the point where when a friend suggested it, I felt like I’d be close enough to not land on my head. Just, it would seem ;)

    After the first go or two, you’d be surprised at how comfortable you feel having another go. After that, I tried them on the snowflex slope at Halifax, and then in some deep snow in Fernie. Got one or two nice ones there. What I didn’t do was try them on the main kicker at Halifax – was worried about over-rotating. Some practice on an airbag would probably help that…