Dogfunk Competition – Winner Announcement

Thanks to everyone who entered the dogfunk competition.

The winner is: Curtis Lu.

Curtis will receive a $250 Gift Card to spend at dogfunk.

The winner was selected randomly from the 98 competition entries. A twenty sided dice was used to randomly select the seed value for python’s random function. For anyone that’s interested – you can see the process in the video below.

Thanks again for entering and thanks to dogfunk!

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4 Responses to “Dogfunk Competition – Winner Announcement”
  1. dewei says:

    Oh well … next time I’ll be lucky.
    Congrats to Curtis and thanks to Gavin and dogfunk!

  2. Gavin says:

    Thanks dewei,

    It’s a shame there’s only one winner – with a bit of luck I might be able to arrange more, good comps in the future…

  3. theFunction says:

    A 20-sided die, with accompanying footage? LOL. Dude, you are SUCH a geek. Awesome! :D

  4. Gavin says:

    Mal – you know that’s how I roll.

    Haha ;) Pun intended!