Danny Toumarkine Sponsorship Video from 2008

Following the emotional and inspirational video from Danny Tourmarkine in Argentina – my brother reminded me that he’d showed me a sponsorship video from Danny way back in 2008.

Looking back to 2008 – as far as sponsorship videos go this is frickin’ awesome. From the info that Shreddy Times posted on YouTube, it didn’t take that long to film:

“Video I put together to get Danny sponsored. Filmed at a few different locations including: Crested Butte, Brighton, Northstar. It was filmed in 2 sessions at CB, 1 at Brighton, and 4 at Northstar. Please feel free to let either of us know anything we could do to make it better. Enjoy!”

Coming back to 2012 – check out the site Danny Is the Bomb – a place to reflect on Danny. It’s been a rough time for Danny Toumarkine over the last couple of years. Here’s wishing all the best to Danny from 2012 onwards.


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3 Responses to “Danny Toumarkine Sponsorship Video from 2008”
  1. Just found this blog. Love the video. Can’t wait to hit the powder

  2. Sick clip. Happy to have found this hear blog.

    Stoked for this winter!!!

  3. Sickkkk Danny really is the bomb. Hope he’s going well