Switch Flicked from “Off” to “On”

This season has been so different from last season…

Leading up to the 2011/2012 winter I had arranged two weeks in Breck, a week in Les Arcs, and I had this plan to ride as much as possible in the snow-dome before the first trip. I notched up 10 sessions in 11 weeks! It was a great opportunity to set myself up for the season’s riding.

I needed it though. The previous two winters I’d barely snowboarded at all. 2009/2010 I injured myself on the first day of a two week trip; 2010/2011 I didn’t ride at all, following a bad break to my leg the previous summer.

So last season was kinda like a comeback for me. I wanted to put in some “prep-work” before actually getting to the mountains, and I wanted to ride hard, in two good resorts. All those things worked out well.

This season has been so different from last season.

I aimed to repeat the time spent in the fridge, and I wanted to do that before Christmas. I didn’t expect to make as many trips as I did last time, but a handful seemed a reasonable target. It just didn’t happen. Other stuff, like work, got in the way.

I’ve also planned something that’s been on the cards for a number of years now – a visit to Thailand in March. As awesome as that’s going to be, it’s encroached into winter. As a consequence, I’ve got a single snowboard trip planned for this season, a week in Morzine/Avoriaz.

On top of that, I’m one of those people who’s always working on something; one of these other projects has been taking a lot of time, a lot of mental power. The end result, for snowboarding, is that it’s been off the radar.

Then it happened. It just crept up on me. We’re going snowboarding next weekend!

That was last weekend. It was like the switch went from “off” to “on”.

I waxed my boards on Sunday. Packed on Sunday night. Got the GoPro ready. Got excited; really excited.

For me, the stoke doesn’t go away. It’s been lingering, in the background. Looking back, apart from the year I couldn’t snowboard, this is the least snowboarding I’ve planned for a winter, since starting to snowboard back in 2003. But I can’t be bummed out by this. It’s snowboarding; a week in the mountains. I simply can’t wait to get there!

One of the side effects of the switch being “off” has been a lack of content and activity around here. I’m sorry for not bringing much to the table. No doubt any snowboarders reading this will have found plenty on offer in the new season to whet the snowboarding appetite.

So here’s to snowboarding this winter. I hope you’re all finding a way to get out on the snow. Bring on Avoriaz.

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5 Responses to “Switch Flicked from “Off” to “On””
  1. James says:

    I’ve had seasons exactly as you describe…

    Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to stop thinking of snowboarding in terms of seasonal, deciding to get a snow centre membership and ride every week, this started back in late august. Living near a fridge has made this practical in my case.

    The plan going forward is to ride every week for the foreseeable future, basically taking the need to warm up for a new season off the table, and treating snowboarding a little more how I used to view skateboarding.

    I still only go on one week away a year (Slovakia this time around), but in terms of getting the hours and progression in, I think the all year around approach will really help.

    I’m also finding the more I go (to freestyle nights), the more I enjoy it. The consistency and progression builds, and I definately get more from it than when I used to do monthly indoor sessions.

  2. Gavin says:

    Hey James, that’s a great point about the consistency and progression building – and I totally agree.

    When I had the run of ten sessions, I really got comfortable riding that park. The consistency let me move a trick I could do on feature A, to a more difficult feature B. That’s harder to achieve when the sessions are spread out and irregular. You tend to stay in the “safe zone” of tricks for longer.

    Glad to hear you’re riding weekly!
    Which snowzone is it that’s offering a membership? Last time I looked, I don’t think that’s available at Cas’…?

  3. James says:

    I ride at hemel snow centre, the membership is just about affordable with SCUK discount (about 60 notes for the year).

    I believe cas snozone has just introduced a membership scheme, i found this-

    “The new Snozone Membership is now available! Adult membership is just £110 for the year and you’ll get 25% off slope sessions & lessons, two free slope sessions, plus discounts off merchandise and food & drink! See Reception to sign up.”

    So I guess if you ride often enough it could become viable :)

  4. Gavin says:

    Yeah. I think the price is £35 for a freestyle session. That membership actually gives 35% off in off-peak season. I’ll average that out at 30%, so that’s a rough saving of £10 per session… need to to ride 11 times over the year to break even.

    It’s doable I suppose ;)
    thanks for the heads up!

  5. Ian O says:

    The “on” has just switched for me…
    Life has been very busy and just this morning was I reminded that I am set to go away in 5 weeks.. I can’t wait..
    Normally I try and hit my local dry slope for2/3 sessions a month for about 3 months prior to going away but It just hasn’t happened this year, still as eager as ever to get on the board but life has made it hard with both time and cash!
    Note to self, must get in some sessions in the next few weeks! (and try and keep it going throughout the year!)