Getting to Morzine

Today we travelled to Morzine. Flight from Newcastle to Geneva followed by mini-coach transfer. All in all a pretty simple journey.

Half of our group travelled by car, setting off on Friday afternoon/evening and driving through the night. Putting the ‘green’ benefits to one side, it’s can be a double edged sword. Obviously the journey takes longer, which is even less fun on the way home. But you can get there sooner.

From Newcastle to places like Morzine or Chamonix, setting off after work on a Friday, the timing brings you into resort around 9am, give or take. So they were making the final climb into Morzine as we got into the taxi for the airport. Needless to say, they were sliding on the mountain while we were still en route. Jealous.

Here now. Boards ready. Beer in hand. As per the previous post – I’m excited for the shredding tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Here’re a few photos from the day:

View from the plane… taking off from Newcastle! Not bad snow.

Descending into Geneva.

Dropped in Morzine centre – hooked up lift passes to avoid any rush/wait tomorrow morning.

Chalet has a boot room! Awesome, with a heater set right under the boot rack. Big plus.

Burton Hails… jury is still out on these for me.

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