Australia: A Look At Perisher

Some of my family are moving out to Australia and will probably end up living in Sydney. No doubt we’ll visit – so I’ve been checking out possible snowboard options…

The first looking that I did, via The World Snowboard Guide, showed Perisher to ‘look decent’. A bit of quick feedback on Facebook suggested Falls Creek or Perisher – with a comment that Perisher gets the most annual snowfall…

Google Maps shows the drive to be approximately 5 hours from Sydney. Not super close, but it’s an easy drive for a few days, or a week, of good shreddin. Especially when stacked next to the 1 hour 45 minute drive to an indoor snow slope, 150m in length!

I’ve picked out a couple of videos showing the park. I don’t know what the rest of the mountain is like, or what expectations people who ride there a lot, have. A decent park would be a good enough draw for me…

Anyone ridden there? What’s it like? What about other resorts that are close-ish to Sydney?

One Response to “Australia: A Look At Perisher”
  1. Daniel says:

    I have worked 4 seasons at Perisher and the parks are definitely one of the main attractions though there can be some decent free riding in the Blue Cow area (ridge chair and summit chair) and on Mt Perisher. It can be a very flat mountain in spots and alot of traversing can be needed to link up areas. Thredbo (close by) is also worth a look (about twice the vertical and better for free riding depending on the snow year). Hit me up via email if you would have any questions. I’m travelling at the moment so it may take a few days to reply!