Getting to Morzine

Tweet Today we travelled to Morzine. Flight from Newcastle to Geneva followed by mini-coach transfer. All in all a pretty simple journey. Half of our group travelled by car, setting off on Friday afternoon/evening and driving through the night. Putting the ‘green’ benefits to one side, it’s can be a double edged sword. Obviously the […]

Switch Flicked from “Off” to “On”

Tweet This season has been so different from last season… Leading up to the 2011/2012 winter I had arranged two weeks in Breck, a week in Les Arcs, and I had this plan to ride as much as possible in the snow-dome before the first trip. I notched up 10 sessions in 11 weeks! It […]

Introducing Two Guest Voices to Afterbang

Tweet I like to write about snowboarding, whether that be my own experiences on the mountain or my views and opinions on certain aspects of snowboarding. I also like to read and learn about how others are enjoying snowboarding. Over the last month or so I’ve exchanged emails with a couple of snowboarders who also […]

Do You Go Back to the Same Resort or Always Look For New Ones?

Tweet Our group is in the process of planning a snowboard trip for this winter. The big question is, where are we going? The current destination is Morzine (France). We’ve got a short-list of chalets to stay in; in fact, we’ve pretty much narrowed it down to one, but there’s a close second. However, most […]