#RIDEMORE with O’Neill


Tweet Just recently, O’Neill have kicked off a global mission to get people riding more. Not just riding more – but also sharing the experience. In their words, this is what #RIDEMORE is about: “Why? Because every day can’t be a bluebird powder day. Some days you can’t even get to the mountain. Some days […]

How Do Those Amazing Groms Make You Feel?

Tweet Whitelines recently posted an article: 14 GROMS WHO ARE ALREADY BETTER THAN YOU’LL EVER BE. Going through the selection of 14 (and we know there are more like them, out there) videos… man, there’s some awesome riding in there! I like the video from 9 year old Justin Phipps: http://vimeo.com/55827510 And the slightly older […]

Are Visitors Welcome In The Park?


Tweet The snowboard park can be intriguing for the regular, mountain user. Look at all those people gathered there. Is that music playing? Wow, some of those jumps look big. What are those metal rails for? I wonder if I should go take a closer look… And so we find, from time to time, there […]

Hinged Snowboard Bindings from Pivit; Good Idea?

Tweet In last week’s Friday Fix, Whitelines posted a summary and video of the Pivit binding system; a ‘new’ binding design that adds a hinge to the binding in order to provide greater, lateral flexibility. http://youtu.be/gveRQsMCik8 The article on Whitelines includes a fairly damning reply, stating (correctly) that the idea isn’t in fact, new. The […]

Local Spotlight: Native Skate Store, Newcastle, UK


Tweet Previously on this blog, I’ve written about the important role the local shops and groups play in the development of a scene – the snowboard scene. In return, by shopping at and supporting local stores, snowboarders can help to contribute to the development of their community… With spring getting started and summer following, I’m […]

Paper Shredder

Tweet There are so many snowboard edits these days; so many good riders in lots of different resorts. It’s not uncommon for some of the edits to look “just like the rest”… That’s one of the reasons that this production is so refreshing. Created by Paul and Stephen Gemignani, Paper Shredder is stop animation snowboard […]

Optrix XD and iPhone – Has Anyone Used One of These?


Tweet Turning your iPhone into an action sports camera? That’s never really appealed to me. First of all there’s the shape of the iPhone. It’s not designed to be mounted on a pole or a helmet. It looks wrong. Looks like it would feel wrong. With snowboarding however this probably wouldn’t be an issue, not […]

Danny Toumarkine Sponsorship Video from 2008

Tweet Following the emotional and inspirational video from Danny Tourmarkine in Argentina – my brother reminded me that he’d showed me a sponsorship video from Danny way back in 2008. Looking back to 2008 – as far as sponsorship videos go this is frickin’ awesome. From the info that Shreddy Times posted on YouTube, it […]