Photography and Film at Woodward

Tweet It’s April. Spring. Transition from Winter to Summer. No doubt many snowboarders will be looking ahead to more skateboarding, or perhaps, summer-snowboarding. Summer camps, artificial slopes, training… Woodward is well known for it’s skateboard camps, but they’ve branched out into other areas, including snowboarding. Artificial kickers with soft landing areas; safe ways to learn […]

Optrix XD and iPhone – Has Anyone Used One of These?


Tweet Turning your iPhone into an action sports camera? That’s never really appealed to me. First of all there’s the shape of the iPhone. It’s not designed to be mounted on a pole or a helmet. It looks wrong. Looks like it would feel wrong. With snowboarding however this probably wouldn’t be an issue, not […]

GoPro HD Hero2: Snowboarding Usage Review


Tweet I recently used a GoPro camera for the first time: the GoPro HD Hero 2 (Outdoor Edition) during a two week visit to Breckenridge. This isn’t a review of the camera’s image quality. There are plenty of reviews out there, plus, I don’t have access to any of the competing cameras (e.g. the latest […]

iPhone 4S Camera Review: Photos and Video

Tweet This isn’t a general review of the iPhone 4S. This review will provide information on file sizes for iPhone 4S photos and video, which is the main focus, as well as a quick visual comparison of examples from the 3GS and 4S… iPhone 4S photo and video file sizes One of the key reasons […]

Good Stuff * 2

Tweet In a round about way, I ended up finding the following video on Vimeo. It’s a few different cuts, filmed and edited by a guy named Jake (Jacob Parish). I wanted to share it, so I contacted Jake to ask a few questions and check that he didn’t mind. Here are some details: In […]

Practical Tips And Ideas For Filming Snowboarding

Tweet Thinking of buying a camera to take away snowboarding? Already got one? Here’s a collection of ideas and tips for those who enjoy recording their snowboarding exploits… Using the camera on the hill Camera Size. Some people like to ride with a pack, others don’t mind, and there are some, like myself, who positively […]

GoPro HD Hero Preview: Is This The Next Camera You Should Buy?

Tweet The first GoPro camera that I encountered came under the guise of a helmet-cam. I own a helmet-cam. It’s not a very good one, in fact, I’d say it’s poor. There are a couple of helmet-cams that I’ve seen that are clearly better than the one I own, and, whilst the GoPro cameras aren’t […]

MiniDV vs. HDD vs. SD Card (Solid State)

Tweet A while ago, late 2006, I wrote about the choice between miniDV and HDD camcorders. Back then, I liked the convenience of not needing tapes, but was concerned about the HDD skipping when filming snowboarding (follow-cam). Plus, the HDD camcorders were still relatively new so they were more expensive than their similar, miniDV counterparts. […]