Optrix XD and iPhone – Has Anyone Used One of These?


Tweet Turning your iPhone into an action sports camera? That’s never really appealed to me. First of all there’s the shape of the iPhone. It’s not designed to be mounted on a pole or a helmet. It looks wrong. Looks like it would feel wrong. With snowboarding however this probably wouldn’t be an issue, not […]

GoPro HD Hero2: Snowboarding Usage Review


Tweet I recently used a GoPro camera for the first time: the GoPro HD Hero 2 (Outdoor Edition) during a two week visit to Breckenridge. This isn’t a review of the camera’s image quality. There are plenty of reviews out there, plus, I don’t have access to any of the competing cameras (e.g. the latest […]

2 Good Helmet Cams For Snowboarding

Tweet For a while now I’ve been interested in getting a helmet cam, for snowboarding. I actually own a helmet cam, before my trip to Fernie in 2008, I bought the ATC 2K camera… Despite being optimistic about it before I travelled and used it on the hill, in the end, it sucked. I know […]

GoPro HD Hero Preview: Is This The Next Camera You Should Buy?

Tweet The first GoPro camera that I encountered came under the guise of a helmet-cam. I own a helmet-cam. It’s not a very good one, in fact, I’d say it’s poor. There are a couple of helmet-cams that I’ve seen that are clearly better than the one I own, and, whilst the GoPro cameras aren’t […]

ATC 2K Helmet Cam: First-Tests Review

Tweet On Friday evening I used and assembled the helmet cam for the first time. The thing that I’m most interested in with this camera is how well it actually attaches to a helmet. Is it going to be practical on the hill? Will it be steady enough for usable video? This is the main […]

VholdR Snowboarding Helmet Cam – The Real Deal?

Tweet Someone suggested that I should check out the VholdR helmet cam, (update: they’re now Contour Cameras), as it might be more durable than the first two that I mentioned… Man this camera looks sick! The video quality seems pretty good. The mounting to a helmet certainly looks more solid than what I’ve seen with […]

Helmet Cam, Round Two

Tweet Well I’ve ordered the Oregon ATC-2K helmet cam. I’ve got some reservations, but I’m confident it’s gonna fulfill at least some of my needs. The whole package was pretty reasonable too. I bought the camera itself from purely gadgets. It was £75 plus £5 delivery. It may not be the cheapest price around but […]

Helmet Cam?

Tweet I’d quite like to try out a helmet cam next year in Fernie. I’ve seen some footage around the web that looks pretty good, and then there’s some of the examples from snowboarding films. My current video camera doesn’t have video-in, however, which eliminates nearly all of the options on the market. As far […]