5 Common Bad Habits – and How to Correct Them

Tweet Snowboarding is a lot of fun, and nothing beats leaving life behind for couple of weeks to visit a top resort. Like every sport, snowboarding takes time and practice to master, however there are certain bad habits and best practices to take into consideration. From running our instructor courses I have observed a number […]

NothinButSnow – End of Season Recap

Tweet At the start of the year I wrote about some of the possible ways to take your riding to the level – with camps, improvement courses and instructor training. One of the companies that I mentioned was NothinButSnow, a Canadian based company providing improvement- and instructor-courses… Snowboard instruction, and improvement in general, is one […]

Take Your Riding to the Next Level: Camps, Improvement Courses and Instructor Training

Tweet Becoming a better snowboarder is something that many of us aspire to. Whether it be a personal desire to keep improving, something targeted – like pushing your park skills, maybe to compete, or perhaps even job based – training to be an instructor; it doesn’t matter. Progression is a key part of snowboarding. One […]

The 10,000-Hour Rule: How Long Does it Take to Get Good At Snowboarding?

Tweet Do you ever watch pro snowboarders and think “wow, how did they get so good?” It’s a good question. No doubt the best riders out there start with an aptitude for snowboarding, a fair amount of natural ability, but they also put in a lot of hard work; a lot of time on the […]

What Are You Doing to Improve Your Snowboarding?

Tweet Snowboarding is about having fun, but we all like to improve, right? I know I do. If you’re eager on the progression curve, the outline below of what I’m trying to achieve, and how, might be of interest. So read on… The Target I was going to start this post with my plan, but […]

7 Ideas To Help You Progress Through The “Intermediate” Stage

Tweet As a snowboarder, you start off as a beginner – but what’s next? Are you now an intermediate? And what does intermediate mean anyway? Is it just an open-ended description for all those snowboarders who are confident they’re no longer a beginner – but wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re “advanced”, or […]

Are Snowboard Camps Any Good?

Tweet There’s a definite, positive trend in the number of snowboard camps out there. There are more companies offering snowboard tuition to campers – usually wrapped up in some kind of week-long package. A typical camp might include your accommodation, maybe some travel help, obviously the coaching, perhaps some video feedback, and there’s a lot […]

3 Snowboarding Tricks to Try on a Box

Tweet Are you starting out with some park riding? Putting some time into riding boxes and rails? If so, here are a few things that you might have fun trying out, once you’ve got the basics covered… And by basics I mean 50-50s and boardslides. The 50-50 is almost certainly the first trick that you’re […]