Climbing and Snowboarders, Plus Picking Up Some New Gear

Tweet A while ago, I wrote an article asking: What’s the best snowboarding companion sport?. Possible contenders included skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, freeboarding… But climbing wasn’t on the list. That article considered factors like cross-over technique, balance, fitness and nerve. But it didn’t consider the cultural, environmental or lifestyle elements of related sports. In this […]

Pre Season Training for Snowboarders: Review

Tweet The season is starting to gain momentum. Snow is falling, some resorts are opening, snowboarders are planning trips and buying new gear… But what about fitness? Is that on your radar? Snowboarding can be a tough activity – whether you’re riding for one week each year, you’re a regular in the park, or you’re […]

Is Yoga Good For Snowboarding?

Tweet Yoga is something that’s been on my radar for quite a while now, though there’s never been a big enough impulse for me to actually give it go. Well, there have been a few things recently that have made me reconsider. Whilst I’m still not convinced that I am going to try it – […]

Plan for Snowboarding Next Summer

Tweet Injury update The last 10% of my walking-recovery is taking it’s time. I can walk without a crutch – but even when I’m concentrating specifically on staying straight, I’ve got a wobble at the hip. It’s proving difficult to isolate the muscles involved and make them stronger, compared with the obvious muscles in the […]

Update: Missing Out On Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, Online vs. In Store? And Physiotherapy

Tweet Deeper There’s a premiere of Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, tomorrow night in Amsterdam. If you don’t know, Deeper is a film put together by Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity Research. It’s not only Jones shredding it in – there are a bunch of other big freeriders, like Travis Rice and Johan Olofsson. From what I’ve […]

Why I Won’t Be Snowboarding This Season

Tweet Back in July I had a collision on my mountain bike: the car won. The most significant injury was a broken femur. The leg was pinned, I lay in hospital for 17 days, nearly 3 months later and I’ve only just started to bear weight on my right leg. It’s going to take a […]

Home Sweet Home

Tweet I’m at home now, I’ve been released from hospital, it feels great. That’s not to say that my time in hospital was horrible – I was very impressed with the overall experience and the staff were excellent. However, toward the end of my stay, the last 4 or 5 days or so, I was […]

Gav out of action

Tweet Hey all. Just a quick note from Mal here, one of Gav’s mates here in the UK. Wanted to let you know that Gav took a pretty bad tumble earlier this week, but off his bike rather than his board. I’ll hand over to the man himself for the gory details; reads a bit […]