5 Common Bad Habits – and How to Correct Them

Tweet Snowboarding is a lot of fun, and nothing beats leaving life behind for couple of weeks to visit a top resort. Like every sport, snowboarding takes time and practice to master, however there are certain bad habits and best practices to take into consideration. From running our instructor courses I have observed a number […]

Getting Started: How Do You Know If You’re Regular Or Goofy?

Tweet What is “regular” and what is “goofy”? These terms refer to the orientation of a snowboarders body in relation to their direction of travel – it’s part of your stance. You stand sideways on a snowboard – so you’re moving with either your left foot forward, or your right foot forward. Regular = left […]

How to Prepare for Your First Snowboard Lesson or Your First Day on the Mountain

Tweet If you’re getting ready for your first time on a board you might be feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement. That’s natural. If you’ve got some spare time before your first couple of sessions, there are a few things that you can do in preparation, to help the learning process go as smoothly […]

Don’t Just Blindly Book Your Snowboard Lessons

Tweet Learning to snowboard is something I like to write about on this blog, and a key part to the discussion is the snowboarding lesson. Given that myself, and friends, have paid for one or two lessons that haven’t been very good – I’ve had in mind to put forward a few things that you […]

How Many People Learn to Snowboard Without Lessons?

Tweet This is a follow up to the original post: Learn To Snowboard Without Any Expensive Lessons? That article considered the view that some people are capable of learning to snowboard, without lessons – and in doing so they could save the expense of using an instructor. Different people pick up snowboarding at a different […]

The Stomp Pad (And One-Footing)

Tweet The snowboard stomp pad is a simple, but effective addition to your snowboarding setup. In a nutshell, the stomp pad provides grip for your back foot when it’s not strapped into the binding. Job done. But here’s the question: do you need one? Is the stomp pad seen as a tool for beginners only? […]

What Does A Snowboard Lesson Offer You?

Tweet Why would you want to get a snowboarding lesson? The obvious answer is to improve. But what do you get from a lesson on the hill that you can’t get elsewhere? I recently explored the idea of learning to snowboard without taking expensive lessons. In this article, we’ll look at the things that a […]

Can You Learn To Snowboard Without Any Expensive Lessons?

Tweet Snowboarding is expensive. Lessons are expensive. Sometimes lessons are great – you come away feeling like you’ve learned so much. But like any service, sometimes a lesson isn’t that good, the quality of an instructor isn’t guaranteed. Can you do without them? Can you learn to snowboard without the expensive lessons? Yes, some people […]