Urban Spots Take Their Toll – Absinthe Crrew

Tweet Whitelines/MPORA have a pretty good video from the Absinthe Websinthe series: The Abandoned Orphanage of Marquette. Bode Merrill, Cale Zima and Brandon Cocard session a tough, urban spot. Really shows how sketchy that type of riding can be – lots of hard surfaces and flat landings! Cale picks up an injury; the other two […]

How “Seasonal” is Snowboarding to You?

Tweet Most people who snowboard do so because they enjoy it. That’s pretty obvious. But not everyone enjoys it in the same way, or as often. Winter, by definition of being a season, is seasonal. For many people, snow is viewed as seasonal. Yet we know that if you look in the right places you […]

Do You Know What You’re Getting Into With Your Winter Sports Insurance?


Tweet Is snowboard insurance just one of those things that you tick off your list each year when you go away? You’re not sure that you really need it but without thinking about why – you feel better once you’ve got it. It’s probably that way for most people. Holiday insurance, in general, is one […]


Tweet Take a look at this edit from REILANDFILMS – some shredders on the 686 team hitting it up in Wisconsin… Will Reiland likes feedback on his work… so why not let him know what you think? Check it out: http://youtu.be/idrHi_A3QnA explained here Going Here best online games mobile apps free

Red Bull Supernatural 2012 – Video Highlights

Tweet Travis Rice goes big; combined with Red Bull they’ve done some pretty big things in Snowboarding together – just think of The Art of Flight… And it looks like the Red Bull Supernatural is going to be big too. The idea itself is pretty cool: a purpose built course in natural terrain, a backcountry […]

Dogfunk Competition – Winner Announcement

Tweet Thanks to everyone who entered the dogfunk competition. The winner is: Curtis Lu. Curtis will receive a $250 Gift Card to spend at dogfunk. The winner was selected randomly from the 98 competition entries. A twenty sided dice was used to randomly select the seed value for python’s random function. For anyone that’s interested […]

Competition: Win $250 to Spend on Anything at Dogfunk.com!


Tweet Competition is closed now. The guys at dogfunk.com have been in touch and helped to arrange a pretty sweet competition for afterbang readers. You don’t want to miss this one… Prize: $250 gift card Pretty sick! $250 for free. You can use the gift card for anything you want from the dogfunk store… How […]

Big Black Friday Sales at Dogfunk.com and Backcountry.com

Tweet The guys from Dogfunk.com / Backcountry.com dropped me an email to let me know about their big, Black Friday sales. They’ve got discounts of up to 50% off 20,000+ items across both sites for this sale and are going to continue running the FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING offer on orders over $50. It’s a heads-up […]