Sick Skateboarding (Shane O’Neill)

I was browsing on YouTube the other day and, with warmer weather on the way, had the impulse to check out some skateboarding…

This edit of Shane O’Neill was close to the top on an open search for “skateboarding”. It’s a couple of years old but that doesn’t matter. The video is a long collection of sick skateboarding tricks. So good.

If you like skateboarding, take a look…

Photography and Film at Woodward

It’s April. Spring. Transition from Winter to Summer.

No doubt many snowboarders will be looking ahead to more skateboarding, or perhaps, summer-snowboarding. Summer camps, artificial slopes, training…

Woodward is well known for it’s skateboard camps, but they’ve branched out into other areas, including snowboarding. Artificial kickers with soft landing areas; safe ways to learn new tricks.

They’ve recently added a new Digital Media program. Photography and film is a huge part of snowboarding, from top level pros down to the holiday-shredders. It’s in the culture. Their new program is setup to help people learn skills in this area.

Here’s a snippet from their press release:

“April 1, 2013 (WOODWARD, PA)— Woodward Camps – the leading youth camp facilities for action sports, gymnastics and cheer – have expanded the curriculum for Summer 2013 to include cutting-edge programs in digital media, including video production, photography, graphic arts and music recording. Woodward has always recognized and supported the connection between visual arts and action sports. Training the next generation of filmmakers and photographers in these storytelling mediums will allow them to communicate in an increasingly digitally-focused society. Summer camp begins in June, 2013 for all locations, including Woodward, Pennsylvania, Colorado’s Copper Mountain, Boreal Mountain Resort at Lake Tahoe, and Tehachapi, California.”

And more from the Woodward page.

Pretty sweet.

Zgriff in the Breck Trees

Via the AngrySnowboarder… I love watching shredding in Breck, it brings back a lot of good memories!

About the video:

This video features the logmaster Zgriff riding a 158 Socozy from 728 Outdoor. Filmed March 11th after good 3 day snow storm, we attempted to keep up with Zgriff riding this 728 Outdoor board for the first time.

The Socozy is a reverse camber board that is slightly stiffer than most boards. The result is flex when you want it, stiffness when you need it. A great park board and an amazing powder board. Check out more at –

Music: Nightmares on Wax – 195lbs
Video/Edit: Nathan Minatta –
Rider: Zgriff – Zach Griffin

Paper Shredder

There are so many snowboard edits these days; so many good riders in lots of different resorts. It’s not uncommon for some of the edits to look “just like the rest”…

That’s one of the reasons that this production is so refreshing. Created by Paul and Stephen Gemignani, Paper Shredder is stop animation snowboard film. In their words, “One snowboard shredders adventure in an unusual setting”.

Read the description on Vimeo – they put a lot of effort into this! It shows. The riding is clearly good and the finished product is, as well as being unique, pretty awesome.


Getting to Morzine

Today we travelled to Morzine. Flight from Newcastle to Geneva followed by mini-coach transfer. All in all a pretty simple journey.

Half of our group travelled by car, setting off on Friday afternoon/evening and driving through the night. Putting the ‘green’ benefits to one side, it’s can be a double edged sword. Obviously the journey takes longer, which is even less fun on the way home. But you can get there sooner.

From Newcastle to places like Morzine or Chamonix, setting off after work on a Friday, the timing brings you into resort around 9am, give or take. So they were making the final climb into Morzine as we got into the taxi for the airport. Needless to say, they were sliding on the mountain while we were still en route. Jealous.

Here now. Boards ready. Beer in hand. As per the previous post – I’m excited for the shredding tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Here’re a few photos from the day:

View from the plane… taking off from Newcastle! Not bad snow.

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Switch Flicked from “Off” to “On”

This season has been so different from last season…

Leading up to the 2011/2012 winter I had arranged two weeks in Breck, a week in Les Arcs, and I had this plan to ride as much as possible in the snow-dome before the first trip. I notched up 10 sessions in 11 weeks! It was a great opportunity to set myself up for the season’s riding.

I needed it though. The previous two winters I’d barely snowboarded at all. 2009/2010 I injured myself on the first day of a two week trip; 2010/2011 I didn’t ride at all, following a bad break to my leg the previous summer.

So last season was kinda like a comeback for me. I wanted to put in some “prep-work” before actually getting to the mountains, and I wanted to ride hard, in two good resorts. All those things worked out well.

This season has been so different from last season.

I aimed to repeat the time spent in the fridge, and I wanted to do that before Christmas. I didn’t expect to make as many trips as I did last time, but a handful seemed a reasonable target. It just didn’t happen. Other stuff, like work, got in the way.

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Shred-A-Vision, New Snowboard Movie from WildCard

WildCard Movies have released their new shred flick this month, Shred-A-Vision.

I like the look of some of the riding in the teaser (below) and I like their view on how they do things: Representing the NorthWest for over a Decade…. WildCard has emassed a cult following of die hard shreds who love the flavor of our one of a kind snowboard flicks..

I’ve not seen any of their productions yet, but I’m going to get this. As you’ll read in the next post, I’ve only just joined the party this season. A new snowboard movie is right on cue.

Check out the teaser below, and if you wanna see more, you can hook it up on iTunes.

Shredding in this movie: Andy Bergin-Sperry, Forrest Burki, Manuel Diaz, Tim Carlson, Kurt Jenson, Scotty Vine, Andy Stern, Nick Ennen, Shaun McKay, Luke Thorington, Jake Blauvelt, Austin Hironaka, Temple Cummins, Laura Hadar, Joe Bosler, Matt Penny, Scotty Witsil, Forest Bailey, Morgan Rose, Aaron Robinson, Scotty Witsil, Jesse Flies, Stefan Krumm, Blake Payne, Sebi Geiger, Madison Ellsworth, Colin Spencer, Seth Hill, Patrick McCarthy, and many more

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Seb Toots “Top to Bottom” Run in Montreal

This is done really well. OK, so you don’t get the full feel of a “top to bottom” run, with everything being linked together and filmed continuously, but it’s still pretty sick.

Filmed in two days, down from Mt.Royal in Montreal, camera work, style, the overall concept – I really like it. Check it out… Discover More Here iPhone games car game download