• should_you_wear_helmet

    Snowboarding Helmet – Should You Wear One?

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Tweet With a very small number of exceptions, wearing a snowboarding helmet is optional. It’s up to you; it’s a personal choice. But it’s obvious, right? Wearing a helmet is safer than not wearing one. Let’s say you fall and bang your head on the icy piste, or worse, maybe a rail in the snowboard […]

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  • Can You Learn To Snowboard Without Any Expensive Lessons?

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Tweet Snowboarding is expensive. Lessons are expensive. Sometimes lessons are great – you come away feeling like you’ve learned so much. But like any service, sometimes a lesson isn’t that good, the quality of an instructor isn’t guaranteed. Can you do without them? Can you learn to snowboard without the expensive lessons? Yes, some people […]

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  • how_many_snowboards

    How Many Snowboards Do You Need?

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    Tweet You want the right snowboard for the task at hand. So does that mean one snowboard, or two? Scenario 1: Specialising with two boards You don’t need me to tell you that when it comes to snowboards, there are a lot to choose from. A lot! Naturally, they’re all designed with a purpose in […]

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  • surfing_stock

    What’s The Best Snowboarding Companion Sport?

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Tweet For many, snowboarding is a seasonal pursuit. One trip each year, twice if you’re lucky, and then the long wait until next winter. So what do we all do in-between? Is there a good snowboard-companion sport? Does it matter? Maybe it does – read on, and as usual, add your own ideas. Good reasons […]

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  • laax_tour 028

    Be Careful: Are You Kidding Yourself When You Go Off-Piste?

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Tweet January 2004, it’s my second ever snowboarding trip, a two week holiday in Chamonix. It was a powder day, blue skies, my brother and I were keen to do a little hike to get some fresh. Around the back of Le Tour, we followed the boot pack from the top of the lift, away […]

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  • deux_alpes_park_medium_big_kicker

    Why You Should Snowboard On A Glacier During The Summer

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Tweet Have you ever thought about going snowboarding in the summer? Or is the concept of snowboarding on a glacier during summer totally new? It can be great fun, so read on to see if it could be suited to you… What to expect A mountain glacier will hold snow all year-round. Not all resorts […]

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  • Why Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    Tweet Each to their own. There’s no right or wrong. I get that. This is my opinion. It used to be the case that snowboarders on the mountain were the minority. That’s not the case anymore. I don’t have the stats, but I think it’s fair to say that both disciplines are big. And these […]

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Sebastien Toutant’s Full Video Part – It’s On YouTube…

Tweet OK, first of all, if you haven’t seen this video edit from Seb Toot’s 2010/2011 season, you should watch it. This guy has got some serious ability on a snowboard, whilst also making his tricks look so easy. It’s the Canadian shredder’s video debut, so take a look… http://youtu.be/hDnGPpHEM6U

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Snowboard Park Etiquette

Tweet The snowboard park can be a lot of fun – but it can also be a little daunting if you’re new there. Are there rules that you need to follow? A code of conduct? What it considered park etiquette? This article describes some of the general dos and don’ts for using the park. If […]

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Would a Snowboard Movie Like This be Popular?

Tweet Imagine a snowboard movie with no kickers, rails or boxes. I’m not just talking about the snowboard park – no street rails or backcountry booters either. Just riding. Natural stuff. Would that be popular? Would that interest you? OK – so that’s a pretty ambiguous scenario. What exactly am I excluding? What counts as […]

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How Important is Having “The Right Board” for Buttering?

Tweet Buttering on a snowboard is a lot of fun. Once you get the hang of it, it opens up a lot of freestyle possibilities, both on the piste, and pressing on rails and boxes. Add some style to your shredding. But if you’re only just starting to think about it, or you’re still in […]

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Snowboard TV


The Reality – Full Movie by M.O.G Production

Tweet the Reality is a new snowboard film made be M.O.G Production. You can watch the full movie, here… It’s about 30 minutes long, featuring some really nice riding, and good camera work too. The soundtrack definitely works for me. Check it out: the Reality from M.O.G Production. free download program additional reading best online […]


Torstein – Le Side Hits

Tweet Torstein does a great job of mixing fun stuff with great riding in his videos – this example of some shredding in France (Chamonix) is no exception. Sure, there isn’t anything huge in here – but it’s still awesome. It’s gonna make you smile; check out “Le Side Hits”: France #5 – Le Side […]


Indoor Shred From Holland – Sick

Tweet Feast your eyes on some indoor shred from Holland. If you ride on indoor snow in one of the domes found across Europe, UK included, you’ll be familiar with the high quality jibbing that takes place. If you’ve never seen the inside of one of these “fridges” – here’s a taste of the action… […]


Eye Candy: Whitelines Resort Guide, Standing Sideways and The Nug

Tweet As the season is starting to get into swing, snow falling all over the place, here’s a return to the Eye Candy feature – stuff that’s worth looking at… Whitelines Resort Guide Whitelines (UK snowboard magazine) recently released a resort guide, with 50 Top Shred Spots. If you’re a subscriber, like me, then you’ll […]


Early Pow at Wolf Creek

Tweet Wolf Creek claimed the title of 1st to open this season, when they started their lifts on 8th October. You can see why… Check out this video from some of the Never Summer crew enjoying the early season pow. Winter is here. It sets the expectation for some good powder days! Never Summer at […]


The Art of Flight Trailer

Tweet There’s been a lot of build up and a lot of hype for the Art of Flight. Given that the premiere “went off” in New York City, 7th September, not to mention the fact you can download the movie from iTunes, the trailer below is already old news. Forgive me, I’m away from home […]


Isenseven’s “Kaleidoscope” Trailer

Tweet If you haven’t seen Isenseven’s trailer for their new film, “Kaleidoscope“, you should watch this. As far as teasers go – this one is pretty sick. It sets a high standard for the full movie – but then again, Isenseven usually deliver! Check it out:


“Naturally” – Jake Blauvelt Video Part 2011

Tweet This is the best video part that I’ve seen in a long time. On balance, given that you also get to watch a bunch of short episodes showing Jake’s approach to making it – it easily one of my overall favourites. Check it out – it’s so sick:


Fredrik Evensen – Full Part

Tweet Check out the Fredrik Evensen’s full video part from Isenseven’s 2010 Don’t Panic. Great filming and as you’d expect, some smooth shredding to go with it. The trailer for their new 2011 film, Kaleidoscope, looks pretty sick too. One to watch out for… Fredrik Evensen / Official Part – Isenseven “Don’t Panic!” 2010 Visit […]


Torstein – In Your Face

Tweet Torstein has a bunch of these on his Vimeo channel – but this particular game of In Your Face with Halldor Helgason is just sick. At 5:10 in the video, check out the cab 5 nose grab off the toes. Awesome…